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Puts the door where it's supposed to be.

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This is meant for users of Janquel's Czasior's patch for Obscure's College of Winterhold and JK's College of Winterhold.

I didn't like having to walk past a hot tub to access the midden, so I did something about it.

What this mod does:
-Removes the door in the Hall of Countenance
-Removes the large College of Winterhold sigil from the floor, because it implied that room was important; now it's just an old storage closet
-Restores Obscure's door to the Midden at the bottom of the Hall of the Elements (including the wooden bar holding it closed)
-Removes the bench that was sitting against the wall where the door was
-Moves the small table, candlestick (and light source), and the note from Urag about the midden back to their original positions.