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Ai upscaled mudcrab textures. Including a somewhat humanoid edition!

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Hello and welcome to my modpage!

I hereby present you... mudcrab textures. Because why not.
Wanted to 'nice-ify' an armor mod, and the results came out pretty darn okay so why not share eh?

Comes in 2 versions and 2 resolutions to choose from, 8k and 4k. 
Mudcrabs can be quite big creatures, so the original didn't cut it in my opinion.
The 'normal' editions have the same colors as the original Skyrim textures. And eyes.
The 'humanoid' editions have a slight pinkish skin-tone. And eyes. And teeth. And I hate that.
Suffer with me.

All versions touch the following files:, and

Skyrim and probably some mod manager.

Anyway, the screenshots speak for themselves.

EDIT 23-06-2022
Added Chitin, the ingredient. 
And Leg. Yay!

Vanilla Left vs New Right