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A mod that adds 16 different twinblade's to Skyrim special edition that can be obtained in game via crafting or enemies reccomended for dar usage or mco/skysa

you will have to find animations you find fitting for these weapons and keywords are the description or readme file

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A mod that utilizes vanilla assets to turn them into twinblade's that use dar keywords stat wise they do less damage then greatswords but are slightly faster with slightly higher chance to crit.
These are the weapons currently -

Dawnbreaker Twinblade
Finite found near normal dawnbreaker in the break of dawn quest
Iron Twinblade
Can be found on bandits

Steel Twinblade
can be crafted or found or found in higher level bandits or chests

Ebony Twinblade
crafted or late game loot

Akaviri Twinblade
Finite and found in Sky Haven Temple

Dwarven Twinblade
Crafted or looted

Glass Twinblade
Crafted only or in chests

Elven Twinblade
Crafted or in chests

Daedric Twinblade
Crafted only can be found in high level chests

Silver Twinblade
Rare found from a silver hand member in driftshade

Forsworn Twinblade
Crafted with Two Forsworn Swords and Firewood

Nordic Twinblade

Ancient Nord Twinblade
Found very rarely on Draugr enemies

Stalhrim Twinblade

Imperial Twinblade

Most are craftable but the uncraftable ones can be found on enemies or in fitting locations

DAR is not a requirement it is a reccomendation to use the keywords ingame to use custom animations with dar ingame
input this into your _conditions file in a dar folder and put animations you find fitting inside works with SKYSA or MCO

IsEquippedRightType(5) AND
IsEquippedRightHasKeyword("TwinbladesOfSkyrim.esp" | 0x00590C)

Future plans -
Add in twinblades for the remaining weapons do some creation club ones and refine some meshes or redesign some of them I am not so happy with and maybe some more balance changes.