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Addon to Alternate Start - Live Another Life for Dwemer player characters trapped outside time for a few thousand years.

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This is a quick Alternate Start - Live Another Life addon I made for my own use but figured others may want it as well.

You wake up in a Dwemer chronostasis pod, a device used to preserve its contents against the effects of time. You are, as far as you know, the last of your kind. How much the world has changed? How much has it stayed the same after four thousand years? How will it respond to a long dead People waking up once more? And what if that supposedly dead person is also Dragonborn? Why were you locked away, and what were the Dwarves planning in doing so?

This mod REQUIRES Alternate Start - Live Another Life. Install with a mod manager, or drop the BSA version directly into your Data folder if you like suffering and installing things manually. To uninstall manually, reflect on your actions, and remove the following:
Alternate Start - The Last Dwemer.bsa
Alternate Start - The Last Dwemer.esp

This mod is incompatable with other alternate start mods at the moment. It makes edits to the BlackreackZcell02 cell (Silent Ruin), I've only touched the skill book, the chair, and the spinny blades which are now disabled. The edits are minimal so it shouldn't have many incompatibilities but if another mod edits BlackreachZcell02 I'd recommend checking to make sure my edits aren't overwritten.

Q: How do I get out of Blackreach without an attunement sphere?
A: There are multiple Dwemer lifts that will take you directly to the surface.

Q: Alternate Perspective patch when?
A: When you make it! I personally don't use Alternate Perspective but I give blanket permission to convert this to work with other alternate start mods so long as you credit me.

Q: Do you have to be Dwemer to use this?
A: Nope! Maybe the Dwemer threw a Nord into stasis, a Chimer turned grey the second they awoke, who knows what those big brained elves were up to.

Q: But wasn't there already a Last Dwemer in Morrowind?
A: Your character doesn't have to know that ;)

Q: What happened to the Dwemer, anyway?
A: Nobody knows. Also they collectively got absorbed by the Numidium and became a sort of skin for it. Because giant robots need skin apparently.

Q: How did this Dwemer survive?
A: When in chronostasis, a person is kept outside the construct of time. Any events that happen outside stasis do not happen inside it. Or maybe they're just a special boy/girl/person, it's your character so you make the rules!

Q: Why does the Dwemer in the pictures look like that :\
A: Dumac was half-orc. Bthar-Duum is Dumac's science daughter with the Underking. She's got a lot going on with her heritage, which is why she looks a little orcish. I think she looks nice :)

Q: I think the Dwarf-Orc is cute, could I have a RaceMenu preset?
A: Here you go!

Q: This isn't lore friendly :(
A: Don't worry about it ;)