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Do your male bards play the flute with their noses? Do your female bards play the flute with their psychic powers? Quick fix for both!

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This has been annoying me for way too long, so here's a fix.

I will miss the laughs whenever I see a bard playing the flute with their nose, or seeing the female telephatic bards playing the flute with their mind, but I think it's about time someone made a fix.

If you have XP32 installed (meshes folder or otherwise) or a similar mod, you probably have this issue in your game. If you're using a 100% vanilla skeleton or if you don't mind the telephatic flute players, you can simple disregard this mod.


*The Bug:

This issue with the flute happens when you have a body skeleton that modifies body proportions. Make sure to install the right animation for your skeleton (via the fomod installer)

I have added support for these skeletons:

  • XP32/XMPSSE: One new animation for females fixed it in this case.
  • FK's Diverse Racial Skeletons: literally every race/sex needed new animations. 
  • Sam (Lite? I don't know): every male race needed a new animation.
  • Vera: AKA the mod that made me forever enable the adult filter cause it had a naked pole dancer in the thumbnail. One new animation.

Please, note that not ALL body mods include a skeleton. Most of them rely on XP32. The fix in this mod comes as animation replacers, so it's 100% safe to install/uninstall from your modlist. Feel free to try things out if you're having issues.

  • Well, this ain't looking like the Quest Expansion you promised!
You've just added an extra week of development time with your question!

  • Does this affect only the player or also NPCs?
The fix is applied to both player and NPCs.

  • I installed this but it's still not aligning, how comes?
If you modified the size of certain body parts of your character (hands, head...) or if your'e using a preset for your character that does this, chances are the flute will not align perfectly with the mouth, even with the fix. It should still be better though, and it should work fine with the bard NPCs you see around.

No, this bug fix works independently of whatever bard mod you use. Even if you don't use a bard mod, you will probably have noticed bards in inns playing the flute with their minds. That's what this mod fixes. Of course, if you're playing a bard character playing the flute with SGT and you're using XP32 or similar, then you should probably get this.

  • ESL?
There's no ESP/ESL at all, the fix are just new animations with different adjustments.

  • Can you add support for X Skeleton?
Maybe. It depends. If your skeleton mod gives each race a different skeleton with different proportions, then no. It's a lot of work. If they use one male/female skeleton for all, then yeah, maybe. In any case, I recommend just checking the mod out, as it can help reduce the gap for some skeletons, even if the fix was not made specifically for them.

  • My character moves their head to the sides when the animation is playing!
It sounds like you have a mod that adds headtracking on camera movement. It sort of inevitable then if you move the camera around that the head will not align. Just... look straight up haha.

  • I have CBBE or whatever female or male body mod, what about them?
As far as I know, those mods do not include skeletons, just body meshes, so they should work out of the gate with this.

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