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Adds a handheld cannon that is capable of firing several types of explosive ammunition. Blow up your enemies from a distance! Light (ESP-FE) plugin.

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Adds a new weapon to the game: Dwarven Hand Cannon.

Unleash a devastating barrage of explosions with this (artillery) piece of long-lost Dwemer technology! This handheld mortar fires exploding projectiles that can apply a variety of magical effects to the targets. The projectiles fly in an arc, so aiming may be more challenging than with other ranged weapons.

The damage of the cannon is affected by several factors: Archery skill and weapon upgrading increases direct hit damage, and Destruction skill increases the elemental magic damage. The explosions themselves add a bit of damage as well and may knock down targets.

The cannon can be crafted at a forge with level 30 Smithing and Dwarven Smithing perk. The ammunition for the weapon is crafted at a forge as well (in Misc category). Levelling both Alchemy and Enchanting is required for crafting the ammunition, weakest type requiring level 25 and strongest type requiring level 60 in both Alchemy and Enchanting. There are seven different types of ammo available.

The cannon may also appear as loot inside Dwemer ruins after reaching level 20. Dwarven automatons sometimes drop ammo for the cannon. The weapon and its ammo are injected into leveled lists with a script.