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It fixes an inappropriate normal map from "Book Covers Skyrim" which in turn fixes the lighting on the inside of books. No .esp :)

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This makes my previous mod obsolete!
It's a proper fix for that problem and various other problems!! :)

When using Book Covers Skyrim (or Book Covers Skyrim Updated) the problem isn't so apparent all the time but under certain lighting conditions the inside of books seems to be unaffected by light and it looks pretty weird. This fixes that problem!!

Check the images!! :O

*note: you can check the reading animation by opening the console while in third person, then click on your character and enter the following command:

playidle idlebook_reading

After that you can exit the animation by jumping.

1) Install the main file manually or using any mod manager.
2) Load it after Book Covers Skyrim.

for the vanilla AI upscaled texture that I completely modified and merged as part of the fix. Thanks for the "unlimited freedom" :)
-DanielCoffeyfor granting permission to use a couple of his assets to be modified :)