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You can "lock/unlock" the doors with new lessor power(means "Z" key or shout button) as long as they are not initially locked or lock-picked.

Permissions and credits
Be Warned.
This mod is not game breaking, but has possibilities to break your quest!
...and it's not immersive.

"Privacy Lock" introduces the weakest lock function into Skyrim.
You can now lock many doors and open them again with just one key push. I mean not the "key" in the game, on your keyboard.


Conditions: What are the conditions of  the lockable doors?
- not locked initially (lock level = 0)
- OR, in player owned cell
- OR, already lock-picked
- NOT working for containers like chests and wardrobes.

In other words, you can't "lock/unlock" initially locked doors and the ones stated "You can't pick this lock, it needs a key."

This is not immersive because there should be no "privacy lock" thing like present architectures.
If you want immersive one, try Lock Me Tender. It only works for doors in the known Inns and player homes, it's more reasonable for immersion. My intention for this mod is adding easier and general way to lock/unlock doors.

Limitations: This lock is the weakest. Everyone can open it, and sometimes they teleport through.
In game, you can see the lock levels like apprentice, adept, to master, and this lock is weaker than every levels of them. Every actor can open this locked door if their AI package really attempts.
It's almost useless in a security purpose, and far from actual separation.

But why?
Because I don't want to be bothered by Lucien or other followers and NPCs when I do O-things with beautiful people in skyrim.
And I suppose this can be interesting for assassin/thief characters in many ways, although I don't play those type of characters.

1. Open magic menu, choose Power tab, select "Lock / Unlock."
2. face to NOT LOCKED but CLOSED door. Please watch the demo.
3. push Shout/Power key, PC default is "Z" key.
4. Now it should be locked.
5. In case it's not locked by default, you can unlock the door with pushing same Shout/Power key.

And I recommend you to make many saves and try not to forget open the door you locked.
I haven't tested but I've read that state changed doors are baked into your save and could be a part of a save bloat eventually.

This mod does not touch any doors until you do lock/unlock action. So basically everything should be compatible but anything can be incompatible when the door required to be opened.
I'm using "Simply Knock" & its DLL patch with this mod for a while and have no problems.
I have never tried "Lock Overhaul" things, so please let me know if it works or not.

Caution: Use on your own responsibility.

  • This lock is weak, but possible to break the progress of quest when NPCs can not move to required trigger point.
  • This lock is weak, so any NPCs can open but I'm not sure how their actions determined. Please report something funny wrong happened.
  • If you use follower mods like SDA and NFF, it may make followers teleport
  • to you by default. So locked door may be useless for those NPCs. Check your mod settings if you want to prevent it.
  • Be careful about lock-picked doors. You can lock it again, and its lock level are preserved. So in case you want to open the door again, you need to break it one more time.

Wish this mod helps you to enjoy Skyrim.

mods used in demo
- Kathleen - Elisif replacer
- Lucien
- Lucien Replacer 2 - Elder version
- Kozakowy's 1600 Isabella De Bourbon Court Gown