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Makes kids childish: adds more than 10 idles and 10 dialogue gestures and other animations variants + secret bonus animation specifically to children. No esp/esl plugin - just Open Animation Replacer folders. Safe to install or delete mid-playthrough - try and see for yourself!

Permissions and credits
This mod adds more interesting idles, neutral and angry dialogue gestures and other animation variants specifically to children. Also some animations added to Narfi and Cicero, but not Babette or Skuli. To the extent it was possible by reusing vanilla assets, I tried to make them appear more curious and playful - like kids supposed to be.

Some animations were already added to children with my other mods NPC Animation Remix, Gesture Animation Remix and Immersive folded hands, so I made this mod with consideration of it. It`s like three layer cake and this mod adds frosting on top of it. Also I chose folder numbers in such a way what conditional idles from other mods will work for children. 

You don`t have to install this 3 mods if you don`t want, this mod can work standalone, but without it you will see about 90% of full picture I tried to paint. 90% is a lot though and way better than vanilla state.

Necessary to read information:
(Addressing concerns people tend to have)

  • You can install this mod during playthrough and disable or uninstall or reinstall or update at any time as well!
  • To see if it will look good with your unique mod setup, just install it and see for yourself
  • This mod works without Nemesis or FNIS. Open Animation Replacer needed only - both SE and AE versions of OAR will be able to play this animations 
  • You can safely install it for Skyrim VR - I wasn`t using "IsInCombat()" condition
  • Remove previous version of my mod with all it`s files then updating - "replace" option in mod organizer
  • At any time in your playthrough you can delete folders or animations from it or modify OAR conditions. Use provided folder descriptions as a reference. . To play .hkx animations use hkxPoser or OAR preview function

If during/after installation some sort of error pops up or animations in your game can`t play and you see static pose instead:
Mod Organizer 2 users - rename mod folder in your mod manager to "LCA OAR" and it will fix this
Other mod manager users - extract the zip file and rename the "Lively Children Animations (OAR)" named folder to "Data", repack and install

This mod made with reused and previously unused vanilla animations extracted from Animations.bsa and modified with hkxPoser by opparco, when it was needed. Another mod I couldn`t make it without - More Informative Console by Linthar - I used it to reveal information about NPCs, objects and locations to apply as part of conditions in DAR
And of course, existence of all my mods depends on genius Open Animation Replacer by Ershin

Do you like how NPCs in my game look? These mods contributed to it the most:
Rudy ENB CW Zangdar's Edit Lux Edition with optional bokeh
SC - Cubemaps - makes materials look mesmerizing
Tragedian's Fabulous Followers SSE
Northbourne NPCs of Whiterun Hold and all other otherhauls made by this author
Cuyima Interesting NPCs SE with Vanilla Hair + Interesting NPCs Visual Overhaul (replaces only females) + Tragedian's Interesting NPCs - 3DNPC Followers Reimagined on top of that
Modpocalypse NPCs - All Vanilla NPCs with highpoly vanilla hair as a base
SC - KS Hairdos Retextured - more believable hair
Female skin textures: Reverie - Skin + optionally SC - Mature Skin Specular less shiny 
Male skin textures:Tempered Skins for Males - Vanilla and SOS versions or Vitruvia - skin texture overhaul for males - SE
Phoenix Flavour wabbajack modlist as a base for all this - it provided better textures, meshes and fixes to elevate looks of the game
Note: if you will use this wabbajack installation as a base for your game to add more mods on top, don`t message Phoenix about possible conflicts

Other mod recommendations from me you can find at the bottom of NPC Animation Remix (OAR) page