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Add blue fire to Nordic Ruins. This is a Base Object Swapper plugin.

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- Replaces fire with eternal fire.
- Extinguishes candles, torches, sconces, chandeliers, and lanterns.
- If a ruin is partially inhabited by humans, there will still be mortal fire in relevant places.
- Removes hundreds of fake lights.
- All ember meshes have corrected glow maps so light doesn't leak through the opaque basins.
- Creepy.

Q: How do I add support for a mod-added interior?
A: Edit Data/EternalFlames_SWAP.ini. Add the cell names of your mod (you can get them from xEdit) to  [Forms|xxxx,yyyy,zzzz,your_mod_cell_here,another_mod_cell_here]. Order doesn't matter. You can also delete cells from this list if you don't want my mod to interact with them.

Q: Compatibility?
A: It should be compatible with most other lighting mods, though users report difficulties getting this to play nicely with Lux. In general, if a lighting mod doesn't add their own types of light, it should work fine. So far I've tested only with Relighting Skyrim which works well. There is a lovely patch for Lux here here, by Catfishforme. If you use a fire or ember texture/mesh replacer, I would recommend making it overwrite this mod. User reports indicate this is incompatible with Rudification - Rudy Candles Expanded.

Q: Which lights and embers are you using?
A: The violet version uses TG09NocturnalFXFirePurple (EF2D6) and DLC2dunKolbjornRitualLight (x01DBC2). Blue uses C06FXfireBlueWithEmbersHeavy (153C8) and AzuraBlue01 (E2172).

Q: What other mods help with a dark fantasy atmosphere?
A: I personally use Always Foggy Weather Standalone - By J. Briggs. Besides lights and weather, audio overhauls are a must. Don't underestimate what they can do for your game's atmosphere.

The screenshots were taken with Standard Lighting Templates.
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