Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Retexture of most custom textures from Moonpath To Elsweyr.

Permissions and credits
Moonpath To Elsweyr Retexture SE


I like Moonpath To Elweyr, I think it's a fun, short quest mod that most people need to play. However, some of the textures of this mod haven't aged super well and since no retextures exist for it, I decided to make my own.


This mod replaces or modifies most of the custom textures included in the mod. My Siligonder armor was was using textures from CaBal120's aMidianBorn Book of Silence, the landscape, leaves and tree bark textures are completely new and some of the textures of the creatures in the mod have been tweaked a little bit (color correction, tweaking the specular, etc.).


Simply download using your favourite mod manager and you're done!


Thank you for giving this mod a chance! If you haven't tried Moonpath To Elsweyr yet, I highly recommend it! Special thanks to CaBal120 for letting all of us use his amazing textures for our own mods!  If you anyone has suggestions or requests, feel free to do so!