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An Update to my last mod Star Wars Lite Conversion. This expeirence will now be completely tied into the main game. No need for any console commands. Become a powerful Jedi or Sith as you see fit by playing the game normally. Furthermore a lot more Weapons and fixed leveld lists and better balancing for a fair game.

Permissions and credits
-This mod replaces most CW soldiers with Stormtroopers and Co and Stormcloaks with Rebels. Each have 
around 3-5 skins to use. All spawn changes are without scripts so don't worry about bloating.
-Guards armors have been replaced for a more futuristic outfit
-added 3 Droids to the Dwemer Faction, existing dwemers slightly reworked(they shoot lasers) Further overhauls to come.
-added 5 Weapons(as of now, more to come) and animations: DL44, dlt20a, E11, TuskenRifle, Shotgun
-tons of Melee Weapons : Z6 Stun Baton, PurgeTrooper Electrostaff, shitload of vibroswords and axes
-plenty of lightsabers with the ability to deflect blaster shots if you engage on the path of a Jedi or Sith...
-all weapons somewhat worked into lvled lists. Imperials and Stormcloaks all have Blasters,          
-Bandits and Co will also have blasters
-Voice changes for Tullius as Darth Vader, and Stormtroopers.
-Slightly dodgy enemies for ranged combat
-Force Powers are available
-Main, DarkBrotherhood, Civil War Questlines help you discover all the things I added.

Gameplay Mechanics
- Lightsabers: You can now use block to reflect incoming blaster shots
(only LASERS) back to its source.  Normal Projectiles will
simply be blocked. Same applies to NPC Sith or Jedi.
- If you do a timed perfect block (timewindow 0.5s) then it will cost no stamina.
- Blocking without perfect block (holding down block) will consume
scaling amount of Stamina based on your blocking stats. Below
the threshold you will not block and take damage instead same
for NPCs.

- Blasters shoot laser rounds, except the "TuskenRifleammo" which will act as normal ammo so you cant deflect them.
- AI: for better balancing and added back in small chance of arrow dodging as well as a miss chance. 
- Force Powers and Lightsabers can be aquired by doing the main or the DarkBrotherhood questlines.
- BALANCED, I tried this time :). Might not be perfect.

PERSONAL recommendations:

These mods add to the experience and immersion of Star Wars REDUX. You can add all or choose which ones work for you.


- I got the whole package from ABR and his patreon. Feels amazing and is a perfect fit for this mod too.
- Would also recommend a Fast stamina regeneration mod

-Invasion of Skyrim SSE, adds a good amount of LORE and strong foes to the game! Make sure to look at its recommendations and load this before SWC mod.
-Any CIVIL War Based mods.
like Open civil war, Civil war checkpoints, Man those borders, Killable Generals, Civil war Ambushes
-Death Star Sky - self explanatory - adds a Death Star for the moon
-You can also use the popular Way of the Force Mod to play an alternative questline which helps you to become a Jedi. (optional)

- check out LEGENDs of Mandalore, it should be compatible

To be checked:
- Path of the LIghtsaber is based on many features from my old release. The questline it provides might still work if you load mine after his or the other way around, you just have to try^^


alduin78: for his Sith and Jedi armors 
Lord Haun, for his amazing Lights... MAGIcka swords.
J3X for his crossbow scripts.
Kryptonian, Xillus, MurdermiesteR for their pioneer work and assets. (stormtroopers and rebels)
nubyplays, for his force powers mod
L3st4tfor some assets from his VEA mod to work on.
Many redditors who helped me with coding.
This mod would have taken another month probably without the many great works already existing.
avenger86 For his jedi Temple textures
Disney for this amazing Brand
Stym, Admin, Kryptonian, Morgoth for armor meshes.
kanjs for a Vibrosword