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Fixes bugged fish plaques that only let you mount fish in a single Hearthfire house

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The Bug
  • Bethesda added fish plaques with the free Fishing creation to each of the Hearthfire basements, but shit's fucked.
  • Even though they made fish plaque quest aliases for Heljarchen Hall and Winstad Manor, they just reused the the aliases for Lakeview Manor instead. This means if you mounted the plaques in one of Heljarchen Hall, Winstad Manor, or Lakeview Manor, the plaques in the other houses cannot be used.
  • The Fishing creation also added 3 plaques to Proudspire Manor, but these also reused plaque aliases from Lakeview Manor.
  • It is almost as if whoever implemented the fish plaques in these houses just copy and pasted the Lakeview Manor plaques over without reading the script carefully.

The Fix
  • This mod redirects the fish plaques to use the correct aliases for the other houses.
  • I also added 3 additional aliases so the Proudspire Manor plaques are also fixed.
  • The fix is retroactive. You won't need to restart your save.
  • ESL

How to Avoid Bug as Mod Maker
  • If you're using fish plaques in your mod, don't make Bethesda's mistake. Use unique fish aliases for each plaque.
  • If you do it properly, you don't need a retroactive fix like this mod.

  • First remove fish from the plaques in Heljarchen Hall, Winstad Manor, and Proudspire Manor.
  • Install mod

  • Whenever. Once the fix is applied, you don't even need the mod installed.