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SSE conversion of Open-air bath in cities - Yukemuri Skyrim which adds public open air baths to Markarth, Riften, Solitude, Windhelm and Whiterun cities.

Permissions and credits
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All credit and thanks goes to Fjard and dareka62 for the original LE version:
Original Description:

This mod adds open-air baths to cities in Skyrim.
Currently, Whiterun, Solitude, Markarth, Riften and Windhelm baths are available.

Key features
- Follower friendly
- Fully navmeshed
- Furnished with interactive idle markers
- Auto NPC undress/redress (optional)
- Seamless use
- Performance friendly
- Frostfall support

Where and how:

The bath is initially disabled and needs to be enabled by activating a switch.
The switch can be found on the wall near the main gate.

If your followers are getting confused, have them follow you between the smelter and Warmaiden's from the back, walk just past the ladder steps so that they are in front of it, then jump/go around them and ascend the stairs and they should follow you up.


The bath in Solitude is initially disabled and needs to be enabled by activating a switch.
You can find the switch where Roggvir's execution takes place, on the wall by the stone steps.

Riften bath is right next to Honeyside. The bath is visible from out of the city as well.

Markarth bath is to the north east from Understone Keep. Go along the wall and you will find it.


Windhelm bath is initially furnished, but not ready for bathing. You will need to activate a pressure control lever to crack open geysers
to flood the bath with gushing hot water. It can be found to the right of Candlehearth Hall as you enter Windhelm.



Probably not compatible with a lot of city overhauls without patching. See the LE description here for compatibility notes regarding JK's Skyrim and Dawn of Skyrim.

The Great City of Solitude - no issues found. The table, chopping block and grindstone disappear when the bath is enabled and reappear when the bath is disabled.
Capital Whiterun Expansion (compatibility version) - patch provided separately in downloads, place it below the main esp in your load order. It just removes a few items (bows, barrels, a chair etc.) from the Whiterun bath area above the main gates.
**Note1** I converted version 1.3 and used the updated undressing script from version 1.3a/1.4. The reasons for this is that the 2nd bath added to Whiterun in version 1.4 was always buggy for me in LE. It could only be activated after the Battle for Whiterun quest was complete and it replaced the burnt out Heimskr's house that was destroyed in the war, but it didn't seem to remove the burnt out house entirely. Plus I have no saves available with the required quest completed (what Civil War?) so cannot test and I am uncertain how to fix an issue like this if it still didn't work properly.

**Note2** I don't have Anniversary Edition installed so cannot test. If you happen to have success with it... or don't, please let me know and I will add compatibility information.

Special thanks to dareka62 for opening the permissions, making this conversion possible (see the permission change note on the logs tab under Author Activity)