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This Mod Organizer 2 plugin uses a user-configured JSON to move selected Creation Club files to managed MO2 mods. At the same time, it can enable other mods which pair with the Creation Club content.

Permissions and credits
Creation Organizer is a Mod Organizer 2 plugin which can be used to move Creation Club files into MO2 mods (it will create the specified mod if not present), and optionally activate it and other specified mods. To start, extract the plugin zip file to the plugins folder inside your Mod Organizer 2 installation folder.

Next, create or place a file called "creation_organizer.json" in the Creation Organizer plugin's folder. You can use the default JSON file in the optional downloads, obtain a custom JSON from another source, or use basic JSON formatting knowledge to create your own. The format for the JSON is as follows:

    "file_name": {
        "enable_cc": true,
        "move_to": "a mod name",
        "others_to_enable": [
            "other mod name",
    "other other mod name"

"file_name" is the name of the Creation Club plugin without extension (e.g. ccbgssse003-zombies).
"enable_cc", if "true", will enable the mod the CC files are moved to. If it is "false", the mod will not be enabled.
"move_to" is the name of the MO2 mod you want to move the CC files to.
"other_to_enable" is a list of other mods to enable if the CC files are present.

For a more detailed description, check out this great article by TateTalyorUSA!

For convenience, a default JSON is provided as a separate download which, when installed, will move each Creation to its own eponymous mod. For Wabbajack list curators, a Wabbajack compatible version of the default JSON is provided.
To run the plugin, simple choose it from the Plugins drop-down list in MO2. It is a one-click process.

1/2/2024: Added version to support Mod Organizer versions 2.5.0+.

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