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Replaces crossbow animations and fixes jittery crossbow aim direction while moving and/or turning.

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These animations will replace, through the use of DAR, the idle, walks, runs, sprint, draw/reload bolt, aimed idle, aimed bolt turn, bolt release, equip and unequip.
In addition to the animations, and similarly to Vanargand Archery, this will ensure that the character and crossbow keep facing the crosshair at all time while aiming and moving/straffing or turning in any direction for a much more consistent aiming experience.


The outfit seen in the preview is QuarantineCouture's Practical Pirate Outfit, if you have other questions unrelated to this mod regarding the preview, make sure to check the video description and/or the comment section.




  • Compatible with anything that doesn't replace the crossbow animations mentioned above.


  • Use any mod manager or manually copy the content from this mod's 'Data' into your Skyrim 'Data' folder.

Special thanks

Shout-out to Kars! Who brought neat quality of life improvements to the rig I used to make this, which allowed me to visualize crossbows, sheathed and unsheathed, in Blender instead of relying on trial and error.

McNuttington - Gilead - YouLiekThait - Quinn - Péter Ferik - NotSoWiseGuy - Mura Casardis - Prerit Srivastava - Troy - Shaquille Martin Lone Artist - Imperator Wilhelm - Dre G Writer - Daniel Ceballos - Naotenho nome - Rymer - Chase Corley

Vendasia x666x - slonik - Elianora - Darkstallion143 - Andri Mar Hagalin - Plooper - David Chamois - Arkos - potatobrot - KMHTech - Ming Leung - 桑原 麗沙 - Ken Richards

And everyone whose kind words and constructive feedback help me keep improving!


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