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Patches the broken alternate textures of Spice of Life - Orc Strongholds when used with FYX 3D mods.

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The mesh edits in FYX 3D alter the meshes in a way that tends to break alternate texture assigments. Spice of Life uses alternate textures to change the looks of some objects in orc strongholds, and when used in conjunction with FYX 3D stockade models the textures break. This is a simple edit in CK to match the textures with the FYX models.

Conversely, if used with vanilla models these patches will likely break the textures, so make sure to install the patches only if using the FYX 3D mods and remember to uninstall if you uninstall FYX's mods (but why would you? :D).

Make sure you choose the right version in the FOMOD based on whether you have or haven't compacted Spice of Life! I can't detect this in the FOMOD automatically, because the plugin has the same name. If you are unsure, choose the regular non-compacted version. You can find a compacted and ESL flagged version of the Spice of Life plugin in the optional files. It's just the plugin, you still need the original mod for the meshes and textures.

There are also different versions of the patches for the parallax version, because without a new parallax texture matching the new normal the textures will melt. As there is no suitable parallax texture available and I don't have the skills or the tools to make one, I have disabled the parallax effect on these.

Separate versions for the default FYX and SoS 3D compatible versions too...

Yuril for his FYX mod series
steveowashere for Spice of Life - Orc Strongholds SE