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Who is one of the most hated NPC's after Nazeem or Maven Blackbriar? Why Erikur of course. His pompous arrogance and hubris is second to none! And what better way to get back to him than to open a Museum gift shop in his basement!

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What!? April fools mods are supposed to merely be facade front pages with pictures and descriptions that IMPLY a working mod? pffft Amateurs...

Erikur is a pompous twit, always strutting about, touting his importance and acting like he owns most of Solitude. Well as it turns out, it WAS all an act and in reality his lavished lifestyle has been a lie ever since this damned war began! Erikur's businesses have suffered since the war and as a result he has gone into quite a lot of debt by spending beyond his means just to keep up appearances. He's in so much debt that his sister Gisli has kicked him out of the house and is now renting out the lower level of their home to none other than Auryen Morellus who is opening a Gallery Gift Shop in the space!

There are two versions available for this addon:

Immersive Version

In this version, Auryen will approach you at 200+ displays and tell you about the new gift shop, setting it up in the process. The shop will have a variety of items and will gain additional merchandise as you complete certain key quests like the excavation quests or daedric artifact quests, etc.

Filled Version

In the "filled" version, the gift shop is already active right from the start of game with ALL mechandise available. Bear in mind you miss out on Auryen's conversation explaining the situation, and some of the items are spoilery, so if this is the first time you have played Legacy or you have not completed the 3rd excavation quest in the past, some items will be spoilers.


Many items are static, but there are some fun new souvenirs to be had! Gallery logo mugs, wooden Daedric weapons, copies of Auryen's new book, even Dolls of Auryen and Madras with Eggleman in hand and a ... special feature. The dolls and weapons are even gift-able to the children of Skyrim.

Installation and removal

This is an ESL flagged ESP plugin and can be slapped at the end of your load order on a whim. It is still recommended (per best modding practices) that you don't add it to a game in progress, but this plugin is simple enough that doing so should not cause any considerable issues. We accept no responsibility if it does however as you have been warned. If you do add it mid game, do not remove it from a game in progress.

Simply install with any mod management program, to uninstall, just delete the BSA and ESP or remove the entry from your mod program.