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This Mod improves the Bridges in Skyrim and makes them less boring.

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´╗┐Improved Bridges of Skyrim

They are a few mods on the Nexus which try to improve Bridges in Skyrim.
Since these mods change things in a lot of locations, there is a lot of potential for conflict with other mods.
The problem often results from Navmesh and landscapes overwrites of these mods, because these records are for the whole cell.

To fix this problem, this mod uses no Navmesh and landscapes edits!

Question? How to make a mod which changes bridges without changing the Navmesh, wouldn't NPCs just get stuck?

No! Because this mod uses the original Bridge or a compatible mesh in ever location, but adds elements to it and uses Skyrim's Texture swapping System to change ever bridge as much as possible.

What has changed?

Every Bridge in the game is overhauled in some way, some are more changed than others, just look at the pictures to see if u like it :)
(There are a few Bridges which aren't shown here, see for yourself in game)



This mod includes my College of Winterhold Bridge Repaired mod!
College of Winterhold Bridge Repaired


Compatible with everything that doesn't change the Bridges directly.
Compatible with all City mods and Lanterns of Skyrim II.


Grantyboy050 for the bridge meshes of Winterhold Bridge
Sa547 for the Wooden Bridge meshes


- Why should I use this instead of Skyrim Bridges?
U should if u like my Bridges and want to have a Bridge mod with fewer conflicts

- Will you update this mod with new things ?
I'm open for ideas

- Is this ESL flagged ESPFE etc. ?
Yes :D