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This mod adds trees and bushes in Whiterun, all of which I created myself.

I have added several patches.
With these patches it is for example possible to play with the pines from your active mod, or without pine trees, or with JK's The Bannered Mare.

Permissions and credits
Unfortunately, since I don't have as much time as before, I won't be able to create more compatibility patches for other Whiterun mods. 

Anyone who wants to make compatibility patches for my Whiterun mod is of course welcome to do so.
If these are patches for large Whiterun expansions, then you are also allowed to move, remove, or place more trees that are included in this mod to get a nice overall look.
It's ok if these patches are edited variants of my esp.

Greetings BlubboDE

A Season of Skyrim patch for all my City mods is now available. Many thanks to Shizof.