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Adds ENB Light to Atronachs, Wisps, Wisp Mothers, Spectral Draugrs, Magical Anomalies

Permissions and credits

  • Adds ENB Light to:
    • Ghosts
    • Wisps
    • Wisp Mothers
    • Soul Cairn Wisps
    • Spectral Draugrs
    • Spectral Hounds
    • Spectral Weapons
    • Magical Anomalies
    • Atronachs
  • ESL
  • SPID
  • Includes Scrambled Bugs version, which has no scripts and superior performance.
  • Leave location and come back to see changes to NPCs eventually.
  • Centered inventory items (unlike previous ENB light item mods)

Recommended Mod
  • ENB Lights For Effect Shaders - to fills some of the gaps:
    • Frost Atronach
    • Regular ghosts
    • In order to get ENB Lights For Effect Shaders to work for ghosts and frost atronachs:
      • Find "SKSE\Plugins\po3_ENBLightsForEffectShaders.ini" for MO2.
      • And set "Valid Actors = 2"
      • Because the default setting turns it off for everyone except the player
General questions:
  • Q: Conflicts?
    A: No esp conflicts. it just means extra light. For file conflicts, which ever mod wins the file conflict shows their file in game (obvious)
  • Q: Why isn't so-and-so ghost, monster, or whatever included?
    A: Because it is already included in ENB Lights For Effect Shaders
  • Q: I don't like some changes
    A: delete the meshes, edit the _DISTR.ini, or uninstall the mod
ENB Lights For Effect Shaders questions:
  • Q: I installed ENB Lights For Effect Shaders. but it doesn't work?
    A: ENB Lights For Effect Shaders doesn't work for anyone other than the player by default. You have to find the configuration and turn it on
  • Q: How do I turn on ghosts and monsters for ENB Lights For Effect Shaders?
    A: You have to find "SKSE\Plugins\po3_ENBLightsForEffectShaders.ini" and set "Valid Actors = 2"
  • Q: Where is "SKSE\Plugins\po3_ENBLightsForEffectShaders.ini"? I can't find it.
    A: It is hard to explain if you don't know how to use your mod manager. It is in "overwrites" for MO2
  • Whenever

  • Rudy HQ - More Lights for ENB SE