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A patch to better integrate many of the AE CC content mods into the Requiem mod. This does not change Saints and Seducers, and Rare Curios which are covered in another of my mods, however it does use items from these cc files.

Permissions and credits
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Version 2.1 uses the 'Requiem - Creation Club.esp' optional download for Requiem. My patches from now and in the future will try and somewhat follow the vision for requiem set out by base Requiem CC integration e.g. vigilants wear spell knight armor, silver hand wear old vigilant style armor. Whilst continuing to tweak things as I feel appropriate.
Requiem 5.3 'Requiem - Creation Club.esp' also disabled a number of CC Quests. If you want to play through the quests you must download the Trad - CC Quests Re-Enabled FOMOD - Requiem Patch which allows you to pick and choose which quests you want to reenable. The standalone files have a basic rating to help you assess their balance and integration that goes poor, ok, good. This file must be installed into a playthrough at the same time as 'Requiem - Creation Club.esp' to restore the quests without issue. Some but not all quests will not be completable otherwise due to persistent objects remaining disabled.

Version 2.0 is made using the latest version of Skyrim 1.6.640.

Version 1.8 integrates the new armor bonuses system and gives special armor bonuses to most of the CC plugin armors. The previous optional armor plugin is no longer required to gain the armor effects but it is recommended that those already using it do not uninstall it in an existing save as this seems to cause some issues with the armor bonuses. Advice on uninstalling the optional armor bonus patch is provided in the bugs section.

Version 1.6 integrates the Fishing CC plugin. You must have Fishing CC plugin loaded to use version 1.6 or higher.

Version 1.5 integrates the Staves CC plugin. You must have Staves CC plugin loaded to use version 1.5 or higher.

There are a lot of changes and I will try and expand the details over the coming weeks. For now I will cover some of the basics.

This patch modifies the armors and weapons to be closer to core requiem. I have tried my best to put powerful enemies or high numbers of enemies in the way of powerful loot. I have also tried to integrate certain loot into requiems lvl lists. I have also incorporated enemies and loot from cc content with others. For example Rielle now contains zombies, corrupted specters and bone colossus in addition to its existing monsters.

I have tried my best to deal with bugs as they have appeared. But with the shear scale of the changes it is likely I missed things. So please keep an eye out for any bugs.

Uninstalling the optional armor file seems to cause duplication issues with the Dark Seducer/Golden Saint/Amber/Maddness armor bonuses due to some matching files with my saints and seducers mod that I decided to not make a requirement for the main mod file. To remove this issue first uninstall the optional armor file, if your character has never EVER taken the agility or heavy armor conditioning perk that is all if they have continue reading. Load up your save and with the console help command find the spell effects named.
Dark Seducer Armor (if you have never had the agility perk skip this step) (ID should be 0(random letter)13045d)
Amber Armor (only if you have never had the agility perk skip this step) (ID should be 0(random letter)130467)
Golden Saint Armor (if you have never had the conditioning perk skip this step) (ID should be 0(random letter)130467)
Madness Armor (if you have never had the conditioning perk skip this step) (ID should be 0(random letter)135582)

Two id's should appear for each of these effects. Choose one of the two ID's and type the command player.removespell (spellID). Only do this once per armor and you should stop the effect duplication.

Myrewatch is guarded on the outside by a single cursed spectre in the base patch if you want a proper challenge you must download the optional Myrewatch patch as well. This also requires 'Myrwatch - Editable Home Cells (Cell Bug Workaround)'.
This is due to problems from the cc plugin not being flagged as an esm.

Trad - CC Quests Re-Enabled:
Requiem 5.3 'Requiem - Creation Club.esp' also disabled a number of CC Quests. If you want to play through the quests you can download the Trad - CC Quests Re-Enabled FOMOD - Requiem Patch which allows you to pick and choose which quests you want to reenable. The standalone files have a basic rating to help you assess their balance and integration that goes poor, ok, good.
This file must be installed into a playthrough at the same time as 'Requiem - Creation Club.esp' to restore the quests without issue. Some but not all quests will not be completable otherwise due to persistent objects remaining disabled. It must be installed after 'Requiem - Creation Club.esp'.

Stendarr's Hammer:
Stealing Stendarr's Hammer now counts as stealing. If you approach the hammer, you will unlock dialogue options with Calcelmo who will be willing to sell it to you for a price. For the best prices complete the quest to slay Nihme and the Lost Expedition quest. Members of the Dawnguard (completed the quest 'A New Order') can get a discount.
The Hammer counts as both silver and daedric for the purpose of extra damage against these foes.  The smite effect now counts as a fire effect. All strikes with the hammer have an additional 25% armor penetration. Stamina drain is now 100 on hit with the hammer, you need the blessing of Stendarr from a shrine or amulet to reduce the stamina drain to 20.
The hammers weight makes it impractical to use without the 3 twohanded weight penalty reduction perks. Note that the critical damage is unchanged (100) making the charge crit attacks very powerful. A very powerful weapon but not really practical to use until mid to late game.

Plague of the Dead:
Zombie night spawn attacks are triggered by reading the letter sent to the player asking for help. Going to the ritual sight and killing the necromancers (who are now alive) will end this.
Zombies can inflict brain rot on power attacks, best to avoid them if you are not immune to disease or have cures on hand.
WarlockNecro04 npc's can now summon zombies.

Crusaders Relics:
Thalmor are also after the relics. These are quite powerful for law abiding characters. Assaults and trespassing no longer make you unworthy.

Note that the pilgrims quest still allows you to stack divine blessings. I think this is somewhat reasonable for a player who does not want to resort to becoming werewolf/vampire or dealing with daedra to become powerful enough to stand against powerful monsters. Especially since you have to trek all over Skyrim. Though of course this could be abused. Taking a blessing from a shrine twice in a row will cancel stacked blessings if you wish to avoid it. For players wanting to rp gaining the divines blessing without having to be deemed 'unworthy' by the armor you can read the book 'The Pilgrims Way' then receive a blessing from one of the wilderness shrines and the pilgrimage quest will begin.

Heavy Crusader
Head 200
Body 500
Limbs 150
Shield 300
Resistance: ranged, 5

Light Crusader
Head 120
Body 300
Limbs 90
Shield (shoulder) 90
Resistance: ranged, 4

The light armor in particular is very strong for a light armor especially with the back shield, but the strict requirements to wear it help to keep this in check. The enchantments are also rather situational.

Armor bonus you take 4%light/7%heavy less damage from undead werebeasts and daedra.
Wearing the matching set grants an additional 10% armor and 10% less damage from undead as well as granting immunity to life drain effects and preventing magicka loss on hit.

Enchantments mostly the same.
Body enchantment fortify health is now fortify health rank II to protect from paralysis effects.
Boot enchantments now have 50% disease resist like the gloves.

Daedric Mail:
Now costs 36,000-10,000 to buy depending on how you approach the quest rather than a measly 5000. The ring from the quest has a more powerful enchantment if you are a Khajiit.

Daedric Mail Helmet added. It currently uses the Dark Brotherhood Shrouded Hood model.

Daedric Full Plate:
Due to how easily this can be got and the armors visual appearance Daedric Full Plate is now Reforged Daedric Full Plate. This is between ebony and daedric in armor rating. It is crafted using cursed daedric armor and the daedric smithing perk.

Head 220
Body 550

Boss is stronger and his minions have enough health that they do not immediately give up.

The sword itself is unchanged, equivalent of a daedric greatsword and it still uses charges. However whilst equipped you gain the lesser power Umbra. This will temporarily boost health and stamina by 100 and reduce healing spells and potions effectiveness by 75% (absorb magic is unaffected), this will also decrease speech by 30 as you loose your sense of self. You need to use a potion of cleansing to overcome the speech penalty.
Wearing full ebony armor will also give you health and stamina rank II granting slow and paralysis immunity, 200 additional armor rating and 10% magic resistance.

Necromantic Grimoire:

The new necromancers added by the CC plugin can now use the new summons.
Summons are balanced for requiem. The skeletons are the same as existing summons but with the gimmick effects and so are slightly more costly to summon. The skeletal warlock is stronger than the requiem summon and has higher lvl spells.

Deathpriest: Weaker version of a dragon priest. Less health, less health regen 40 (completely stopped by fire). More of a support summon as it will raise dead around it. Non summoned variants will drop their staves which have the soul tear effect. On death will spawn weak tortured shades that have low health but strong health regen 50 (completely stopped by fire). Npc summoned versions ectoplasm remains will remain on death as I found if they were treated as standard summons they could cause the game to ctd.

Bone Colossus: The summon spell has a cast duration of 1.0 but requires the player to channel it. This was to try and balance the power of the summon.
Bone Colossus have very high health and count as skeletons for purposes of weapon damage resistances (use blunt weapons). Their stomp attacks have knockdown. Damage is fairly low for something of their size. They are intended as more of a tank and support role with the high health, knockdowns and allowing the player to summon 2 extra skeleton/bonemen (mulltiple bone colossus don't stack this extra summon bonus.)

Undying Ghost: Duration has be shortened to match other summons and is now a ritual spell requiring you to stand still to cast it, still can be cast at 0 magicka. Designed to act as a tank only. It has a perk reducing damage it deals by 99%. Hopefully these changes should make it reasonably balanced as a summon.

Ghost summons: Fairly weak but have ghost resistances so are durable against enemies without ghost killing weapons or magic. However they are immune to frost spells.

Cursed Spectre: Powerful ghost type undead. These have a poison cloak effect and can absorb health and magicka with their spell attacks. Against drain immune enemies they will do low magic damage.

Bone colossus and Cursed Spectres can be found in some locations in Skyrim. There is also at least one death priest varient.

The dark moons enchantment that can be found on the new necromancer skull masks has been changed. Instead of reducing health regen it reduces health by 30 points (fixed value), the fortify magic effect remains stronger than standard fortify enchantments to compensate.

Staff of Hasedoki:
The three necromancers in the quest are now all high lvl necromancers and can use soul cairn summons. Ivara and Lushak wear the necromantic grimoire enchanted runed necromancer robes and skull masks.

The Staff of Hasedoki now takes 3 seconds to charge in order to attempt to balance it. It remains a powerful weapon against single opponents that are not immune to force push effects or have magic resistance >51% but it cannot be spammed as easily and so cannot handle multiple enemies at once.
Ward effect unchanged at 40 strength. This is fairly weak but unlike spell breaker the ward regens almost instantly. Also since you don't have to block to activate the ward you can cast spells with your free hand at the same time.

Netch Leather: 
Shock enchantments on netch leather are 25% more powerful. The crafting book mentions the armor being somewhat venomous so this poison resistance is meant to be the armor absorbing some of the toxins.
Very rare chance for bandits to drop netch leather armor.

Basic netch leather armor rating
Body 166. ranged 1, blunt 1, slash 1
Limbs 50
Head 66
Shield 90

Boiled netch leather armor rating
Body 180. ranged 1, blunt 3, slash 1
Head 72
Shield 108
Netch leather armor provides 4% poison resistance, (max 16%).

Dwarven Mail Light:

Head 80
Body 200
Limbs 60
Resistances: Ranged 3, blunt 2, slash 1
Heavier than most light armors.
Rare drop from bandits. Enchanted and non enchanted versions may be found in dwemer loot containers.
Dwarven Mail reduces blunt damage by 5%, (max 20%).

Orc Scaled Light:

Head 72
Body 180
Limbs 54
Heavier than most light armors.
Resistances: Ranged 1, slash 3, pierce 3
Can be dropped by bandits. 

Silver Armor:

Head 144
Body 360
Limbs 108
Resistances: Ranged 3, slash 2, blunt 2
Silver armor reduces damage from undead and werewolves/werebears by 8%, (max 32%).
Can be dropped by bandits.

Vigil Enforcer Armor Set:

All the same as existing requiem vigilant armor stats.
Head 144
Body 360
Limbs 108
The original requiem armor and all new vigilant armors can be found on vigilants of Stendarr who now randomly wear one of the outfits based on a lvl list. Ones looted from vigilants will be enchanted just like the requiem originals.
Once you complete the quest they can be constructed (including the default requiem vigilant armor) with the advanced blacksmithing perk.
All new armors provides bonuses if trained.
Corrupted 9% less damage from silver weapons (max 36%).
Silver Hand 10.5% less damage from werewolves/werebears (max 42%).

Spell Knight Armor:

Base armor ratings are the same of the standard ebony/steel/iron.

Wearing at least three pieces of spell knight armor will prevent magicka loss on hit.
Crafting requires the standard perks for the relevant materials. The armors also now require soul gems to craft to make up for  their focus ability.

Two corrupted Spellknight ghosts help the forsworn at the knights grave. Their is a powerful Briarheart Knightslayer at the grave.
The forsworn base has a unique powerful Bone Colossus named 'Corrupter of Hearts' defending it.


A skilled one handed fighter will find Goldbrand burns stronger in their grasp.
Damage of a daedric sword but faster swing speed due to being a katana. Speed 1.1.
Counts as artifact. Legendary smithing feat to temper.
Enchantment 30 fire damage, power attacks deal extra fire damage, one handed perks further increase fire damage. Also deals 1 point of fire damage for 30 seconds, this stacks. It also grants one of the two abilities to the wielder based on the dragonic/daedric heritage of the weapon.
Ability Defender of the North: if you are not Boethiah's Champion you gain 10% frost resist/fortify shouts.
Ability Boeathiah's Glory: if you are Boeathiah's Champion you do 25% additional goldbrand fire dmg, 50% on foes below 50% health.

Quest changes. Sivdur's ghost appears as a boss to defend the sword.
The Boethia cultists who infiltrate the college will now be wearing college robes.

Arms of Chaos:

Three slighted now hang out at the summoning circle. They are involved with the slighted from 'The Cause' questline and the named one has a note that if read will trigger the questline prior to its default start at level 46.

Bone colossus added to quest start location.
Taking the scrolls and potions added by the cc content to the east empire company building now counts as stealing.
The three dremora bosses are now stronger.
Frost Dremora. Can summon three frost atronachs.
Storm dremora. Can use a variant of the storm call shout (for lore purposes this is just meant to be a powerful spell). If you are weak you may need to retreat and wait for the storm to end before fighting the final dremora.
Dremora Sovreign: Fast and powerful. His weapon can also apply daedric poison on hitting an enemy. He wears Dremora Sovereign Armor that can be safely worn by the player as can his weapons.

Arm of the Sun:
Enchantment 20 sun dmg. +80 sun damage vs undead.
50% chance of 100 fire damage.
50% chance of 100 frost damage.
50% chance of 100 lightning damage.

Warlocks Mark:
Enchantment Fortify Conjuration 30%.
Grants spell 'Oblivion Walker'. Cast once to grant new spells that can teleport you to the following locations if you have discovered them.
College of Winterhold
High Hrothgar
Ysgramor’s Tomb
Nightingale Hall
Castle Volkihar
Forgotten Vale
Temple of Miraak
Frostcrag Spire (Beyond Skyrim Bruma and addon patch required)

My lore explanation for the Sovereign Armor would be that such high ranking dremora have earned the right to wear 'tamed' daedric armor after eons of loyal service. This is in line with the game Oblivion where only the highest ranking dremora wear lootable daedric armor.

Civil War Champions:

Storm-Bear is now a light armor. All items require legendary smithing perk to temper
Quest: If you are not a member of the legion you will need very high speech to persuade the legion to make you their champion. Kilja is strong even without the stormbear armor and will not be easy to take the bear pelts from her.
The enemy champions are now powerful and each knows at least one shout. The champions (not you) have each been provided with a single powerful potion that took years to craft being used now to give the side one chance to establish a major symbolic victory over the enemy. This will help them pose a major threat if they get the chance to use it.

Imperial Dragon Armor
Head 200
Body 500
Limbs 150
Shield 300
Resistance: ranged 5

Storm-Bear Armor
Head 120
Body 300
Limbs 90
Shield 180
Resistance: ranged 4

The Cause:

The cause can now be started before level 46 by going to the summoning circle in the 'Arms of Chaos' quest. Kill the slighted there and read the note on the named slighted. This will trigger the quest to start and a courier should show up shortly to properly start the quest. This was introduced to allow players to start the questline before level 46 as many builds can face the Requiem endgame far earlier.

Mythic Dawn are now powerful spell casters and can summon atronachs or even dremora.. Those that fight in melee can inflict deadly daedric poisons that are practically a death sentence to anyone not immune or able to cure themselves. They have a chance to drop daedric ingredients.

Vonos the mythic dawn leader wears an enchanted set of light daedric mail armor. He has significant health regeneration that is meant to simulate the effect of a daedra heart restore health potion.
You may encounter other mythic dawn members with this regen effect.

Rielle is full of zombies, skeletons, wights, cursed spectres and bone colossus to make it more challenging. Wights lack shouts like draugr but make heavy use out of shock spells and summons. Their armor is slightly weaker than draugr's as well.

The deadlands is now full of dremora. This includes archers, mages, one handed and shield as well as two handed dremora. Note that though most of the dremora gear is cursed the daedric arrows are not.

Valkyn Gatanas is very tanky has 3 restore health complete potions and can inflict daedric poison. He wears Dremora Valkyn Armor that can be worn safely by the player.

Valkyn Methats is an aggressive spellsword who uses fire magics and the daedric longsword Torment. He wears Dremora Valkyn Armor that can be safely worn by the player.

The Staff of Ehlno Ede has has its stamina absorption increased to 25.

The Daedric Longsword Torment has an infinite fire enchantment and slightly longer reach than a normal sword.

The Daedric Artifact Scourge is an extremely powerful weapon against daedra. It only has 6 charges but deals 1000 bonus damage to daedra (magic resistance applies). If outside oblivion (e.g not in deadlands, apocrypha, soul cairn) it will also banish practically any daedra causing summoned ones to disappear and others to flee for a long time. For those struggling with the deadlands it can be a good tactic to defeat Valkyn Gatanas and claim scourge before facing the final boss.

A alchemy table has been added to the Mythic Dawn base, where they craft their poisons and potions.
An additional daedric craft manual is hidden within one of the containers added by the cause.

My lore explanation for the Valkyn Armor would be that such high ranking dremora have earned the right to wear 'tamed' daedric armor after eons of loyal service. This is in line with the game Oblivion where only the highest ranking dremora wear lootable daedric armor.

Ghosts of The Tribunal:
Erden Relvel the final boss is now a powerful mage and necromancer who has used the power of Dagoths Mask to warp his own body through control of the divine disease corpus to become immensely powerful.

Ash zombies can now inflict lesser corpus. They drop ash hearts and ash salts on death.

Ash Hearts:
Lesser corpus
Fortify carry weight
Restore Health

Ash Salts:
Resist Magic
Cure disease
Spell Absorption

Lesser Corpus: The divine disease once used by Dagoth Ur to shape mortals to his will. Lesser only in the fact that it can now be cured as any other disease. The player is both weakened and strengthened by the disease. Those afflicted will begin to be dominated by the priest of Dagoth Ur dealing reduced damage to him and his ash zombies.
Negative effects: Nullifies magicka regen, reduces one/two handed damage 60%, marksman damage 75%, pickpocket and lockpicking 75% harder, reduced speech 20.
Positive Effects: Fortify carry weight 50, fortify unarmed damage 40, Restore health 1, Resist disease 100 (this means no visual penalties). Lore wise you would also no longer age.

Reading Erden Relvel's Profane Ritual notes will guide the player on how to achieve Perfect Corpus.
The actual specifics are as follows. Have in your inventory all four tribunal/dagoth masks as well as 1 heartstone. Equip Wraithguard, Sunder and Keening at the same time.  You must be infected with lesser corpus or have the nerevarine ability.
Approach a smelter and craft the profane heart. You will start to die 50 damage a second, use the profane heart and you will gain the benefits of corpus in addition to the divine power ability which may be used three times before being gone forever.

Tribunal Masks now count as clothing instead of armor.

Vivecs Mask: Fire cloak 12 dmg in combat and 30% Cold Resist at all times.

Amelexia: 15% damage increase with one/two handed, marksman, unarmed. Increases up to 75% as you loose health (calculated from base health not fortified health.)

Sotha Sil: All spell costs reduced by 10%. Fortify magic rank II 20. Fortify Speach 20.

Dagoth Ur: 10% magic resistance and 10% Fortify Spell Power. If you have corpus all negative effects are suppressed and the restore health effect increases to 5. Allows you to create ash hearts at a tanning rack whilst worn (ash hearts can give corpus to the player).

Robes of the Lich: Increase magicka by 300, reduce health by 100. Those with 150 or more base magicka also gain 300% magicka regeneration and 20% Fortify Spell Power. Inspired by its morrowind enchantment.

Ebony Mace: damage and swing speed of an ebony axe as it looks lighter than the base ebony mace.
Ebony Scimitar: damage and base swing speed of an ebony axe.

Cleaver of St Felms: Damage of a glass waraxe. Counts as an artifact allowing it to harm ghosts as it is mean to be a holy weapon.

Light of Day: Now a silver mace with the damage of a steel mace. Enchantments 15 sun damage +30 vs undead +30 vs vampires. Lore wise it was once the weapon of a vampire hunter. Location has been moved to Redwater Den secret alcove in first section, replaced by glass mace.

Magebane: Damage of a glass greatsword. Deals 500 magicka damage on a hit, the wielder gains 20% magic resist but looses 50 magicka a second. Location has been moved to Pinewatch treasure pile, replaced by glass dai katana.

Skull Crusher: Damage of an ebony warhammer but half the weight. Location has been moved to Vigilant Tolan who will wield it until his death in Dimhollow Crypt, replaced by a glass warhammer.

Trueflame: Damage just above daedric sword, base speed of a waraxe. Infinite fire enchantment.
Hopesfire: Damage just above daedric sword, base speed of a waraxe. Infinite shock enchantment.

Indoril Armor (Now light armor)
Head 100
Body 250
Limbs 75
Shield 150
Resistance: ranged 2

Her Hand Armor (made of ebony)
Head 200
Body 500
Limbs 150
Resistance: ranged 5

Arcane Archer:  
The new elemental arrows have a low physical damage of 42 (as forsworn) and no armor penetration. However they have high elemental damage of 90. They can be powerful against bandits and dwemer machines (shock only) but will struggle with anything more powerful especially if magic resistant.
Due to the high elemental damage these arrows can only be crafted in batches of 10 instead of 30.

Telekinetic Arrows have had damage tweaked. In my testing I found them very unreliable and hard to use. They also seem to be able to kill people without triggering combat or bounties.

Refined Dragonbone Arrows. These are a upgraded version of Dragon Bone Arrows. They are as strong as daedric in damage and penetration. But crafting just one requires a dragonbone arrow and one dragon bone. So they are very resource intensive.

Gem Dust Crafting. All the new elemental arrows added by the mods can be created with not only elemental daedra salts but also gem dust. This has been done to try and reduce the archers dependency on the college of winterholds atronach forge and cheesing alchemy merchants for ingredients. Using the atronach forge is still more efficient as 1 gem can be converted into a elemental daedra salt whereas unless the gem is flawless you will need several to acquire enough dust for elemental arrows.
Fire: 5 red gem dust.
Frost: 5 blue gem dust.
Shock: 3 red gem dust and 2 blue gem dust.


The new staves can now be crafted just like battle staves though they cannot be used in melee. Enchanted staves have the same power as the other staves of their type.

Dreugh staves are in between silver and glass in terms of power. An enchanter at a smelter can create elemental rune staves.

The new forge made enchanted daedric staffs can be smelted into an unenchanted daedric staff which can then be enchanted again. This is to try and increase flexibility for enchanters without requiring them to learn daedric smithing as a requirement. Being able to recraft the staves shouldn't be an issue since enchanting them is locked to skill level 100 preventing exploiting them for experience. Note four unenchanted daedric staves have been added to the world (look at the general section for specific clues.)

Neloth has a chance to sell the new staves with the exception of daedric.

New Craftable Staves
Dreugh Staff of Crustaceans: summon a potent spirit mudcrab for 20 seconds.
Dreugh Staff of Shell Cracking: Enemy armor reduced by 240 for 60 seconds.
Daedric Staff of Soul Shredding: Deals 200 arcane damage, temporarily reanimates those it kills.
Daedric Staff of Shell Shattering: Enemy armor reduced by 480 and weakness to magic 20% for 60 seconds.


Some later edits have yet to be done for the standalone version
Fishing can be a good way to get food. If  you do the quests which may prove a bit tedious they provide an opportunity to get some valuable gear through a trial of patience rather than major combat challenges.
The new food items are now in line with requiem.
Weight and value of some fish have been adjusted.

Creamy Crab Bisque fortifies stamina 25 and restores 1 magicka for 1200 seconds.
Roasted Tomato Crab Bisque fortifies magicka 20 and restores 1 magicka for 1200 seconds.
Potato Crab Chowder increases magicka regen 25% for 1200 seconds.

A salmon can be cooked to create two salmon slices. It can also be turned into two raw salmon slices for bestial stews.
A slaughterfish can be cooked to create three slaughterfish steaks. It can instead be used on a rack to create five slaughterfish scales.

The three rare fish types are stronger tan normal ingredients and have extra food bonus effects when cooked. Angelfish restores 1 health for 300 seconds. Lyretail Anthias fortifies magicka 50 for 300 seconds. Scorpionfish grants 60% poison resist for 300 seconds.

Some special fish types will restore both stamina and magicka when eaten this includes lyretail anthias, glassfish, glass catfish, pearlfish and vampire fish (cooked).

Bolli in Riften and owner of the Riften Fishery will now buy your fish for a fixed value just like farmers will buy certain crops. If you want to make at least some money off fishing you should be selling your fish to him. In an existing save dialogue may not appear unless you make a new save and reload it.
If you want to create another 'Fish Merchant' add the keyword 'Trad_001_MerchantFish' to the desired npc via sse edit.

Glassfish ingredient has had fortify speech swapped with nighteye.
Pearlfish has had fortify smithing swapped with spell absorption.

Irkngthand Waraxe's are now equivalent to ebony waraxe's but lighter.

The Fang of Haynekhtnamet is the equivalent of a dragonbone dagger and has a 30 dmg shock enchantment.

Viriya's Charm has been renamed 'Emperor Crab Spirit Charm' and now in addition to water breathing increases armor rating by 300.

The special rings have all had their values increased based off Morrowind.
Ring of Phynaster now has a poison resist of 40%.
Ring of Denstagmer now has elemental resistance of 30%.
The Warlock's Ring has a ward strength of 50.
The vampiric ring now has a 5 dmg drain health aura (stacks with the Lords Mail) and allows mortals to cast vampiric drain 40 dmg, vampires using the ring can cast vampiric drain for 80 dmg.
The ring of surroundings now boosts sneaking by 40%. It also increases irresistible sneak attack multiplier by 1 for melee and 0.5 for ranged.
The Ring of Khajiit, 10% Fort Speed, adds Hide Spell, additional 15% Fort Speed if sneaking
Ring of the Wind 10% Fort Speed, 50% Less Fall Damage, Protection from Slow, Protection from all but the most powerful knockdown effects (excludes giants, Fus Ro Dah, Shield Charge)

Ring of the Wind is now hidden in the world same as base Requiem. However I have added a note and Kyne's Token to the Frost Giant boss Ragnorak (base Requiem) with clues as to its location. Kyne's Token acts as a key if you can find the location of the ring. This is to make the ring accessible to non thief builds, appropriate since it is a Divine Artifact of Kynareth.

Fangtusks health has been increased and his drain health aura is now deadly. Do not fight him in melee without drain protection.

The aetherium dynamo cores have had their value increased to 4000. You may want to hang onto them though as two should allow you to create one of the three aetherium items at the aetherium forge.
There are an additional three aetherium dynamo core's in dwemer machines through the world so you could potentially have one of each aetherium item. Do not pick up npc dropped versions in the aetherium dynamo quest or you will not be able to gain extra ones from fishing. (Npc's only have aetherium cores in the full mod version not standalone.)

Expanded Crossbow Pack:
The new crossbows have been rebalanced for requiem and do not replace the existing ones. They can be obtained via crafting or have a chance to be sold by the Solitude Fletchers and the Drunken Huntman.
After visually comparing base requiem crossbows and the cc crossbows I made some of the cc crossbows light or heavy variants of existing ones others have the same stats and just visually look different.
Light crossbows do less damage but reload faster.
 Light Daedric Crossbow (two can be found in the world), requires knowledge of the basic dawnguard crossbow to craft and temper due to being an exception to light crossbow damage value rules. It has a base damage of 108 matching the improved dwemer crossbow (also a light crossbow) but can be tempered better.

Base damage 90
Light Dragonbone, requires knowledge of the basic dawnguard crossbow to craft and temper due to being an exception to light crossbow damage value rules. 
Ebony Crossbow (same as base)
Heavy Stalhrim Crossbow

Listed in order of damage
Imperial Crossbow (same as steel, heavy)
Glass Crossbow (same as base, light)
Elven Crossbow (same as base, light)
Light Orcish Crossbow
Silver Crossbow (light, breakable, superior to wooden crossbow)
Note the silver crossbow is a light breakable crossbow. It provides no bonus against undead because of how the silver bonus dmg works in requiem (only ammo materials count for ranged attacks). 

Bow of Shadows:
The Bow of Shadows has a base damage of 80 like Auriels bow and is a daedric artifact that requires legendary smithing to temper.

The assassin is stronger. In addition to high damage and armor penetration the assassin applies daedric poison on each weapon hit requiring poison resistance 100% or more to avoid. This helps him stand a better chance against all the npcs particularly essential ones. Unfortunately the quest is still rather poorly balanced as no matter how strong the assassin is the amount of guards and npcs in dragonsreach make his survival impossible. Of course the Jarl is also essential without mods making him killable so the assassin cannot even succeed in his mission.

I hope in the future to restructure the quest to make it a bit longer at least and so make the bow require more effort to acquire.

The artifact shadowrend is now surrounded by several cursed spectres. Also note Thunder the atronach is nearby and may decide to join the fight, though he wont attack the spectres.

The player shadow counts as a ghost and so requires silver/daedric/daedricartifact to harm normally if not using spells. It has a number of powerful perks and a fortify health effect of 1000 and half that for stamina and magicka to make it pose an actual challenge. Note if you cannot see enemy health values it may appear as if you are dealing no damage (due to base game visual bugs with fortify health), just make sure to use a weapon that can harm ghosts and it will eventually die.

Unfortunately the base plugin seems to have an issue where if you run away from the shadow far enough it will despawn and confuse the quest into thinking you defeated it allowing you to retrieve the weapon. It is the players responsibility to not abuse this issue since Bethseda didn't bother to address it.


The Blue God has a scroll of storm atronach to make him more of a challenge.
Goblins have spears. Their attacks inflict poison and paralysis on foes with less than 20% poison resistance.
Goblins that look to be wearing iron armor have an armor rating and are more difficult to kill especially with arrows.

Gogh the Goblin Follower has the Spear of Bitter Mercy and can be persuaded via dialogue to give it to the player as a hard speech check. You can also give the spear back if you wish. Gogh does not use cowardly poisons instead relying on the powerful Spear of Bitter Mercy. Gogh is always treated as wearing iron armor even if you customize his look.

Spear of Bitter Mercy
Acts as a greatsword with a lot of reach. If using Animated Armory and the addon patch in the optional files the spear will function as a pike.
Enchantment 10 shock damage, on a kill spawns a storm atronach for 10 seconds, it has a short temper and though will start friendly can quickly turn on you if you accidently hit it.
Due to the limitations of the enchantment the spawned atronach will always start friendly to the player even if the person wielding the Spear is hostile to the player.

Forgotten Seasons

The Sky Orchestrator (final boss) has weak regeneration. It has weaker armor than centurions and enchanted spheres but is very fast and deals high damage. 

The armor Ward of the Seasons resists all three elements 30% and poison 50%. It can be reforged into a light armor variant with the dwarven smithing perk.
The dwarven crown has an armor rating of 180 or 200 if combined with a mask.
The dwarven masks provide the same bonuses as when combined with the crown.

Dwarven Autumn Visage: Fortify magicka rank II, fortify restoration/illusion 15%, fortify magicka regeneration 50%.
Dwarven Spring Visage : Fortify health rank II, fortify armor rating 50, fortify health regeneration 50%.
Dwarven Winter Visage: Fortify stamina rank II 50, fortify one/two handed 15%, fortify stamina regeneration 50%.

In addition to the Turn of the Seasons bonus given to the player at the end they also receive the 'Passing of the Seasons' power that will remove poison once a day whilst damaging stamina by 100.
Turn of the Seasons: 50% stamina regen in clear or clement weather, 20% better bartering in rainy weather, armor rating increased by 20% in snowy weather, +10% crit chance and damage when overcast.

The dungeon includes some additional enemies and loot including two enchanted spheres that have been added in parts of the dungeon.
A bag of holding, reforged daedric helmet, stahlrim light body piece and a daedric crossbow can all be found in key parts of the dungeon.

Enchanted  Spheres now randomly drop one of the three daedric armor body types (daedric, reforged plate, mail). The idea is that they incorporate the daedric armors into their systems and is why they are so powerful.

Moth gro-bagrol the Markarth smith will now allow the player to choose between heavy armor and light armor reward in exchange for a daedra heart in his quest. The light armor has the same enchantments but is orcish scaled, instead of a shield of magic resistance you receive a sword of health absorption.

Bandits will wear some of the new armor sets up to dwarven and elven. They also have a chance to drop some of the new staves.

New ingredients
Lich Heart: Appears as a rotten heart dropped by liches including dragon priests.
Damage Health
Weakness to Fie
Fortify Magicka
Spell Absorption

Lurker Fin: Dropped by Lurkers. Effects are extra powerful due to being daedra.
Lingering Stamina Damage
Spell Absorption
Resist Poison

Riekling Wax: Dropped by Rieklings.
Lingering Magicka Damage
Fortify Stamina Regeneration
Cure Poison
Resist Frost.

New Food

M'aiq's Broth: Recipe can be found from enemies that drop atronach forge recipes. One guaranteed location within apocrapha.
Damage health 100
Strong stomach 400
Strong stomach paralysis 7
Fortify health 100
Fortify stamina 200
Resist frost 20%
Resist shock 10%
Weakness to fire 40%.
Duration is 1800 seconds and a Lich heart is required to craft it.

Using quest alias I have placed some items in containers in the world. This feature may not function properly unless on a new game.
There are two daedric unenchanted staves in apocrapha.
There is one daedric mail gauntlet in apocrapha.
There is one daedric mail boot in apocrapha.
There is one recipe for M'aiq's Broth in apocrapha.
There is one daedric unenchanted staff in the deadlands.
The Dremora merchant from the black book will sell one daedric unenchanted staff and only once.
Neloth sells at least one dreugh unenchanted staff.
At least one dreugh unenchanted staff can be found during the fishing questline.
Daedric crafting book in the deadlands.
Daedric shield in one of the dungeons added by 'The Cause'.
Light Daedric Crossbow in the Forgotton Seasons dungeon Vardnknd.
Light Daedric Crossbow in the Solitude Fletcher behind a master lock.
Elite/Ascendant Necromancer robes and hood (random) on Lu'ah Al-Skaven in Ansilvund.

The Arch-Mage Robes and Boots can be reforged into a Heavy Ebony Spellknight version with the ebony smithing perk and if you have completed the Spellknight quest. This quest is disabled by base Requiem so if you do not have it renabled via the optional plugin you can instead do the console command 'CompleteQuest ccEDHHSSE002' and you should be able to craft it. Arch-Battlemage Armor has 160% magicka regen rather than 250% but is otherwise the same.
The Old Aetherium Set was made into a unique standard dwarven set in base Requiem. You can now reforge this into a light armor version with the dwarven smithing perk.
Vonos the Mythic Dawn Boss from the Cause Questline. His Daedric Mail of the Dawn can be reforged into a heavy daedric version with the daedric smithing perk.

There is a spell ability called 'Nerevarine'. This provides the benefits of corpus to a character. This can only be aquired via console. Use console command help  to find Nerevarine spell ability and then add it via add spell command if you wish to have it. I have added this purely for rp purposes. Be aware that this ability will significantly affect the balance of requiem if you use it.

Myrwatch Optional
Requires Myrwatch - Editable Home Cells (Cell Bug Workaround)
Myrwatch has a number of bugs due to being a esm flagged as a esl by bethseda. Due to this the major changes to the house are made in this optional plugin rather than the main one. However this is not a standalone plugin and does still require the main patch.

Three spectres added to the first room.
Two spectres added to the second room as well as the dangerous dremora/slighted mage Drezkin.

The story behind Drezkin connects with the towers original journal which ends as the Oblivion crisis starts. Drezkin gained entry to the tower in the Oblivion crisis and was sealed in by the mages though it cost them their lives. Over the centuries Drezkin has worked tirelessly to gather another souls to break the seal using reanimated spectres. He has gone somewhat mad completely losing track of time as detailed in his journal.

Addon Patches

I have made some small addon/compatibility patches.

Bruma: The Warlocks mark necklace can now teleport to Frostcrag Spire once the location has been discovered.
Animated Armoury: The Spear of Bitter Mercy will count as a spear and use the appropriate animations.

Mihail's Goblins: A compatibility patch for Mihail's CC Goblins Overhaul.

Possible issues if used in an existing save listed below

Weak Enemies:
For the mod to work properly it should be used in a new game. Otherwise npc's may not be at their intended resource and health values. If used on an existing save you can add one or more of the following effects to an npc's active effects via SSE Edit if you wish to make an npc closer to their intended strength.
These effects add the number of health and twice that to stamina and magicka.

Missing Loot
Some loot and ingredients are added via scripts in an attempt to reduce compatibility issues. However this can mean that they may not run properly in an existing save even when only updating the mod.

Dialogue missing
Some of the dialogue added by the mod (not the cc plugins) may not appear on an existing game. It may be able to be fixed by making a new save and then reloading it.

Item Enchantments missing or not working
Some items have abilities granted via scripts, if you have already found the item it will not update to gain the script and if the script is altered in the future it will not account for it. To resolve this you must spawn a new version of the item in again via console. This may effect items such as Staff of Worms, Warlocks Mark Amulet and possibly more.