Skyrim Special Edition
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A lore friendly cabin in the cold outskirt of Winterhold.

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A lore friendly shelter located in the cold outskirt of Winterhold.

videos by pixelgamerch, GamerPoets

- Sacks
- Tanning rack
- Labeled pelts and leather barrel with some stuff
- Meat barrel
- Wood chopping block
- 1 chest
- 1 table with a chair and a brazier, with panoramic view

- Cooking pot
- Alchemy station
- 1 chair
- 1 bed (1 person)
- Dresser
- Labeled ingredients crate
- 2 chests
- Some sacks
- 1 bookshelf
- 2 weapon racks
- 1 strongbox
- Labeled mead barrel (should respawn)
- Shrine of Julianos
- Some stuff (food, ingredients)

All the containers are safe but the mead barrel (tell me if one ore more are not).

Cleaned with SSE Edit.

Please let me know if there's something that eventually goes wrong.
Uploaded on Nexus only.


- Purewater Shack
- Refuge Skogvaktare
- Rift Treehouse
- White Elk Shelter