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This is a port of Kharma Standalone Follower with permission from the original author:

"Yes, of course you can port Kharma for me."

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Revenge is sweeter served on a piece of parchment with butter.

Rumors of an attack by the Forsworn upon an innocent hunter named Rhoxette has spread across Skyrim.

Kharma was working on the farm when she recieved a notice letter from a courier that the Forsworn have been on the rampage. Kharma went home and dribbled off her farm clothes and shoes.

She then went to her armory closet and pulled out something she never thought would ever use. It was a sad moment for her, because Rhoxette was her step sister.

Unable to think, she dawned a full armor set and traveled to the Nightgate Inn to get the truth of what was going on and not just a rumor.

So glad to see each other, they embraced in hugs and cheek kisses. Then Rhoxette told of the attack and a name she heard....Madanach.

"I have no idea what was going on. I lost everything. I have no home and they took all the furs and my money except for 3 gold that was hidden in my side boot pouch. They beat me....they beat me so hard that I passed out and they thought I was dead."
 At that moment, Rhoxette broke down and cried.

Kharma comforted her step sister and told her it would be alright.

"I will do what I can for you. Here, take this, it's the key to my home. You are welcome there. Take care of the animals and the farm while I'm away. My daughter, Sepfhi, is taking care of things right now but she is too young to run the farm. There's plenty of food and no one will bother you there."

Kharma left and headed west to where she might find a Forsworn camp, ready to pounce on them for what they did to her step sister. Nothing. No sign of them. Where could they be?

She came upon Fort Dunstad thinking she could find a market and get some supplies for her journey, but instead, she was captured and thrown into the prison by the chief.

Kharma needs to be rescued from these ruthless bandits that have imprisoned her. The bandit chief will be waiting for you. Please hurry, they only feed her dead skeevers and they smell bad.