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This mod retextures most vanilla items made of moonstone.

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EDIT: Optional weapons only version for Book of Silence or other armor retex users.  Main file not required.


This mod retextures most vanilla items made of moonstone.  Specifically elven armor, glass armor, elven light armor, refined moonstone, as well as elven and glass weapons.

It has always bothered me that vanilla items made out of moonstone look like a shiny brass candelabra or gold ornament of some kind.  Both are really bad metals for armor.  So I opened GiMP and tried my hand at creating a more realistic working soldier's armor.

First off, moonstone IRL is a mineral in the feldspar family.  Feldspar primarily contains alumina and alkalai metal oxides.  If anyone could extract the aluminum from that, it's the high elves.

So I lightened and desaturated the yellow and dulled out the red overtones to a sparse blackish aluminum oxide color.  I did not mess with the actual glass parts of the glass armor or weapons.

I totally desaturated the refined moonstone ingot to look like an aluminum ingot.

I did not retex the moonstone ore or ore veins as the natural mineral is that color.

I did not retex the ancient falmer set because it is obviously ceremonial armor painted or plated or inlaid that way.

I did not retex any [metal] and moonstone circlets because the moonstone in that case is the set stone not the metal.

Install with manager or copy the .esp and the .bsa files to your data directory.

This file is a nexus exclusive and and should not be published to or steam.

These are recolored vanilla textures.  Modders are free to extract and use them as long as you give me credit.

1.0- bug with locked elven gilded outfit objects could cause the odd mismatched thalmor guard.

2.0- Completely redid the textures because real chemistry.  Gave up on the distinct coppery elven gilded set.

2.1- Made sure armor textures were correctly applied and re-uploaded.  I don't know how the NMM download button got disabled.  Sorry/derp.

2.2- Fixed several missing textures.  I've got to quit compiling these at two in the morning.