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Export, Filter, then Import to level list using xEdit. Fast and easy way to create level lists.

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Might work with Fallout 4 xEdit

download full package or just mteFunctions.pas

Add Items To Leveled List.pas
download in the top right

.Net 3.1 Core runtime or desktop runtime

Drag and drop release package into xEdit folder, SSEEdit works unsure about Fallout 4
Ensure the at least "_ExportArmorForLevelListInjection.pas" is inside Edit Scripts.


1. Install Requirements
2. Open xEdit go to mod you wish to export the armor for filtering. Apply Script "_ExportArmorForLevelListInjection.pas", let it finish.
3. Do not close xEdit or do not change load order before ready to re-run xEdit
4. Run "xEditLevelListInjection.exe" to filter the list outputted by the previous script. Following the Console application's menu's
Menu 1, options
1 filters for keyword and returns the list with out forms not matching the keyword, you can run this multiple times to remove more and more forms form list
2 filters for keyword exclusion and returns the list with out forms matching the keyword, you can run this multiple times to remove more and more forms from list
3 outputs the list you have filtered to new file using the list you crafted from including and excluding filters
4 re-imports the original outputted list from xEdit
5 get different list. This will ask to input the absolute path to one of the different outputted files.
6 writes current list to console format written, FormID, Biped or Type, Name of item
7 closes the program
Menu 2, from options 1 and 2 from Menu 1, they both use the same menu
1 filters by Name of item, then asks you for the keyword
2 filters from biped or item type, then asks you for the keyword
Menu 3, After outputting the list it will ask if you want to generate the script
1 will generate the xEdit script to run in xEdit in step 5 of instructions, generates in same folder as "xEditLevelListInjection.exe", copy this over to your xEdit Edit Scripts folder
2 will not generate the xEdit script. You will need to manually set the absolute file path to the outputted formList in the script "_ImportItemsToLevelList.pas"
On line 12 set/change "slFormList.LoadFromFile(ProgramPath+'\xEditLevelListInjector\xEditLevelListInjectorOuput\LevelList.txt');" to "slFormList.LoadFromFile('{absolute path to file with extension}');" with '' and without {}
Option 4 from Menu 1 does not have a menu
Option 5 only outputs the list so you can view this will be a long list depending on the size you started with and how many records you have already filtered out
Option 6 closes the functionally the same as clicking the X button on the window
5. Select the level list you wish to import into inside of xEdit and run the new script or the script you edited in xEdit
If you manually set it the script is called "_ImportItemsToLevelList.pas" without ""
If you had this output the file it will be called "_Import{string of words put together from kewords}ItemsToLevelList.pas" without {} or ""
Important Note: Do not run this on top of a full plugin unless there is only one level list inside of it
Important Note: Running this on anything other then a level list will crash
Important Note: Running this on multiple level list will result in importing the list into the first one it xEdit grabs
6. Verify correct import and delete items from level list you missed when filtering

  • first argument is always path to xEdit output file. Example: ".\xEditOutput\Armor.csv" xEditLevelListInjector is in xEditLevelListInjector folder inside xEdit folder.
  • -outputScript will Output the xEditScript to import list with no conformation.
  • -reimport will re-import origonal xEdit output after exporting the filtered list.

Note: the first argument can be changed to get any of the 3 to start:

  1. LevelList.csv is for outputed level lists
  2. Weapons.csv is for outputed weapons
  3. Armor.csv is for outputed armor

Extra details:

The reason I did not include mteFunctions.pas or "Add Items To Leveled List.pas", was I don't know if there open source, also mteFunctions.pas has tones of useful methods

"Add Items To Leveled List.pas" also imports items into a level list but it will import all items it runs over to a selected level list.
so use this for mods that have a single armor set

Tools used
Visual Studio
Visual Studio Code