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Adds Coffee, Tea, and variations of drinks to Skyrim, as well as a form of growable bushes.

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I enjoy coffee. ESO had a lot of neat coffee based recipes and drinks. Skyrim doesn't. The few coffee mods I could find weren't quite what i was looking for, or as expansive as I had hoped. Then I realized I could just make my own.

Adds coffee that can be found like other food items, bought from shops, or grown yourself. The beans can then be roasted into black coffee you can use to make a handful of drinks that act as decent buffs that last a full day. Start your mornings right.

Mods a bit of a stub currently. Planning to make a more expansive version relying on CACO that includes tea. If you like that kind of thing, then look forward to it I suppose.

Models and Textures made by me.


ay i did it
mod now requires Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul (CACO), and includes tea.
you can also now find a handful of wild coffee bushes around Falkreath and Lakeview Manor, and tea bushes around Markarth and parts of The Reach.
coffee and tea are added to the inn and produce sack item pools, and the recipes are a lot more sensible thanks to CACO (you actually need water to make coffee, woah).