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LOTD modifies mannequins. This patch adds a fix to keep them from moving around.

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Requiem SE Patches - LOTD - ManakinRace Fix
for ogerboss'
Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul v4.0.2 (SSE-Converted)
& icecreamassassin's
Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE
I know. "This patches LOTD. What does this have to do with Requiem?"
EVERYTHING. Because reasons. So it goes with the rest of my tweaks. Shuddup.

First off, yes I know that spelling makes you cringe. Manakin?? Well suck it up buttercup, because that's literally how it's spelled by Bethesda. There ain't no "mannequin" in the code.

Second, yes I know there are a lot of mods that supposedly make mannequins stay put. Many are convoluted/complicated/prone to CTD or partial success or caveats or all of the above.

(What This Mod Does)
LOTD - ManakinRace Fix:

Makes mannequins stay put. No muss, fuss or convoluted scripting. They will never move. Ever. Including in the LOTD event where they are intended to. They'll spawn, they'll animate, but they WILL. NOT. MOVE. So during that specific quest it may seem strange to see mannequins doing walking animations while stuck in place, but that's a small price to pay for the 99% of the game when you DON'T want them to.