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An unofficial and unsupported patch adding RoH displays to the the LotD museum.

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Adds over 300 items from Relics of Hyrule to the Dragonborn Gallery as displays.

It was confirmed long ago that such a patch would not be officially supported since RoH is not considered lore friendly to the TES universe. However, since I ended up making the patch for my own use to fill up otherwise unused sections of the gallery (East Exhibit Hall) I figured I would share here for any who does desire it. This means that if you use any patch - official or otherwise - which uses the same area then they will conflict.

Please note that this is regarded as an alpha release since it was built on an older version of RoH, so currently unknown how it will behave with the most up to date release from that. If/when someone confirms functionality and/or chooses to adapt the patch as needed I will gladly update here.

I'm sure that it is still far short of everything that everyone would want to see and display from RoH, but hopefully proves better than nothing. I know a number of books are not included - this is by design since I already distribute a lot of books from RoH to the Gallery Library in a personal patch. Further disappointment to many I'm sure, sorry but since I made this purely to fit my own butchered installation it is offered 'as-is'.

This uses the Hall of Oddities room directly opposite where you enter with a combination of placeable displays, sorted (like the armoury) and paintings to manually hang. It also adds to the jewelry case in the Hall of Heroes and expands the peripheral (boots/gloves) display case also on the upper level.