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Adds a Butterfly Hatchery to Lakeview manor.

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Butterfly Hatchery - Lakeview Manor

This mod adds a Butterfly Hatchery to Lakeview Manor. It is a breeding Greenhouse and works similar to the fish hatchery from  Hearthfire.  It can be used to breed all species of Butterfly and glow bugs found in Skyrim, Dawnguard and Saints & Seducers DLC. The list of critters that can be "breed" are:

- Monarch Butterfly
- Blue Butterfly
- Lunar Moth
- Ancestor Moth
- Green Butterfly
- Purple Butterfly
- Torchbug
- Bliss Bug

The Butterfly Hatchery Greenhouse can be found outside, next to the garden on the east side of Lakeview Manor. It only works if you have built the Library Tower. If you build the other two options it will cause clipping/errors.

UPDATE: Added new version: Butterfly Hatchery Moved - This moves the location of the Hatchery to the cliff wall near the carriage driver. Use this version if you dont want the greenhouse next to the garden. No longer will you be restricted to having to build the library - rejoice!

The Butterflies/Critters take about 4-5 days to start showing up. Once they do and you "harvest them" the spawn points will respawn in the same manner as usual Butterfly/Critter spawn points (Basically takes as long as standard spawns to respawn).

The Greenhouse will also spawn Butterfly "cacoons" in the planters. These can be harvested and take as long as standard plants to regrow (roughly 10 days).  These were added to give the greenhouse and the hatchery a bit of realism.

Locations of the butterfly and critters spawns are south and south-west of the main Lakiview Manor house, close to the carriage driver, stable and animal pen.

Requires Saints and Seducers Creation Club.

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kelretu for Greenhouse tileset.
Link815 for Special Flora of Tamriel from which the cacoons were used.