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New build options and improvements for Lakeview Manor (Hearthfire). Main changes: Wall; Guards; Blacksmith, Grain Mill

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  • Mandarin

This is an enhanced version port of Lakeview Manor Upgrades by Emperor11 for Skyrim Special Edition.
It is a conversion of the English translation provided by MatthiasGi and ehanced by myself

This plugin offers additional building options at the carpenter's workbench for Lakeview Manor:

- A wall around the estate of Lakeview Manor.
- A grain Mill
- Upgraded porch entrance

As soon as you built the wall, a courier (may also take a day or two) will reach you with a letter from the Jarl’s steward, which now allows you to hire up to three guards to secure your land. Speak to your own steward to hire them.

Your personal steward is also capable of handling different improvements to your house:

- The Conjurer’s Altar in the north at Lake Ilinalta can be destroyed and will be replaced with a camp with two hunters.
- A blacksmith can be hired to provide you and the inhabitants of Lakeview Manor with general goods.
- If you requested at least two guards you may disable the random house attacks (Dragons are still able to spawn).
- The streets around and the property itself can be lighted.


Not compatible with an mod that makes major changes to Lakeview Manor exterior.
Not compatible with Grain Mill for Lakeview Manor (This was absorbed into this mod).
Not compatible wit hCarriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul (CFTO) - (Note: Some users have reported succes by loading Lakeview Manor Upgrades after CFTO. Though not in all cases)

Compatible with:

Fish Hatchery for Lakeview Manor
Lakeveiw Manor Mage
Dawnguard Crafting Factions for Lakeview Manor
Disenchantment Font for Lakeview Manor
Face Changer for Lakeview Manor
Lakeview Manor Staff Enchanter
Lakeview Manor Upgrades
Lakeview Manor Library Displays
Skyrim Anniversary - Growable plants

This mod is based on the original Skyrtim LE mod: Lakeview Manor Upgrades. converted and modified by myself.
Emperor11 for the original mod. Please show your support for Emperor11's hard work by leaving a comment there and endorsing.
Many thanks to jorgenk1974 for providing an updated version with script updates.