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Makes the potato bread use a unique file path for its mesh to prevent other model replacers unintentionally ruining the poor thing.

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This is a high effort mod, I swear.

Ok, look, here's the problem: In vanilla, the Potato Bread (added by Hearthfire) uses the mesh for regular Bread, Bread01A.nif. The new texture is assigned via a texture set (that's something done in plugins, HearthFire.esm in this case).

Now, you may be using a mod to overhaul your food-related assets such as Skyrim 3D Cooking. It replaces the bread assets, including Bread01A.nif, and ... the new shape of the mesh doesn't fit the vanilla Potato Bread textures at all. Unfortunately, the mod does not include a matching texture either.

The result is, uhhh, not pretty.

To fix this, I simply replaced the texture set for the Potato Bread with a unique mesh. This mesh is vanilla, by the way, it's a Bread01A.nif masquerading as PotatoBread.nif. The cool thing is that since the Potato Bread is now assigned this unique mesh, it won't give a crap about your Bread01A.nif and still use whatever retextures you have installed (potatobread01.dds and potatobread01_n.dds). For example, I use Retexture for Bread - Hearthfire (though it's the vanilla texture in the screenshots).

Tadaaaah ...

The bread mesh from High Poly Project is also very different from vanilla, but the mod's potato bread texture is actually made to match it. As long as you install both Hearthfire Breads and Vanilla Breads options in HPP, your potato breads will be fine without my mod.

Basically this mod is a fix for Skyrim 3D Cooking, Realistic HD Food Remastered, and any other mods that change the shape of the Bread01A.nif mesh.


See permissions tab.


Thanks for the mesh, Todd.