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All races are cursed by the Draugr, now when anyone dies, it will be resurrected as a Draugr servant, to spread chaos and death... we are the Walking Draugr...

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All races are cursed by the Draugr, now when anyone dies, it will be resurrected as a Draugr servant, to spread chaos and death... we are the Walking Draugr...


This is an apocalyptic mod, it depends on your settings how "apocalyptic" you want it to be, if you are familiar with the walking dead and its "theme" the mod is the same way, 1 NPC dies and is turned into a "Draugr follower" and it will attack other NPCs, If other dies they will do the same and so on, there is also the option to spawn a draugr when a NPC dies to help it, so you can get 2 enemies when an NPC dies.


Every Race in skyrim is now affected by the "Draugr Curse", This curse will resurrect and turn any NPC into a Draugr follower and spawn 1 draugr to help the npc, the resurrected NPC and the Draugr can resurrect INFINITE times until you use a shiv to disintegrate them and prevent their resurrection (decapitation also prevents resurrections), Shivs are dropped by the summoned "Walking Draugr" or you can buy them at some vendors at Whiterun, Windhelm and Solitude "halls of the dead".

Also any "ActorTypeUndead" NPCs are excluded by this effect.

The mod has a MCM where you can tweak almost all the effects added by the mod, also the mod can be stopped any time you want but any effects applied like resurrected NPCs or summoned Draugrs will not be reversed.


This mod edits 1 racial ability of each Race to include the "Draugr Curse effect", like for example Waterbreathing ability of argonians or nord racial ability, it doesnt replace the vanilla effects, its just a way to add the curse to the races (the orcrace is an exception since it doesnt have a racial ability set.

So this can have minor incompatibilities with mods changing the abilities of vanilla races, NOT THE RACES IDS THEMSELVES. In any case just place my mod after any mod that says it changes races just in case it may change its abilities too.

For more chaos and death...


Q: Are essential NPCs affected?
A: Essential NPCs cant die and the condition for the effects are the death of NPCs so they are not affected unless you remove their essential status with another mod.

Q: Is this compatible with Hateful Wenches?
A: It was suppose to be a feature of it but got a little bigger and I thought it will be nice to make it a separate thing, I will probably make an alternative version of the mod for hateful wenches to maybe exclude them (lol?) since this mod is INSANE with hateful wenches, good luck.


-Just dont upload this and say you made it or something.
-If you want to share this mod please just link this page.
-You are free to make any translation, just send me a pm if you finished so i know and can link it here.
For some other things, send me a pm to know please.
-Live and let others live.
-Treat wenches with... resurrections
-To ignore my bad english...

I'm more active on discord so feel free to join if you have any questions or need help, you can also find testing/little mods there I didn't upload here yet or things made by the wench lovers community.
Reports and suggestions are also welcome since that helped me continue improving the mods. ;)

I hope you enjoy my mods!!!