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Allow you to use telekinesis on soul gem traps, trip wires, pressure plates, and more.

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The main goal of this mod is to allow you to disarm soul gem traps with Telekinesis. This is something that is intuitive but was impossible in the vanilla game. In the process of fixing this issue, Telekinesis became effective against other traps too.
There are 2 versions:
  • Regular version
  • po3's Papyrus Extender version
    • Uses fancy functionality from po3's Papyrus Extender.
    • 0 edits to vanilla records.
    • Universally compatible with any spells with MagicTelekinesis keyword.
    • Should be compatible with new spells and spell edits from mods.
    • I assume 0 responsibility for compatibility issues: It is impossible to test this with every spell from every mod.
  • Spell edit version is incompatible with mods that edit the Telekinesis spell record (0001a4cc).
  • po3's Papyrus Extender version is compatible with every spell that uses the correct MagicTelekinesis keyword and sensible delivery and casting types.

  • Install whenever.

  • Save in an interior location without soul gem traps (save1).
  • Uninstall/Upgrade mod.
  • Load save1 and make a new save (save2).
  • Clean save2 with FallrimTools Resaver.


  • Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch for the basis of the soul gem trap script
    • Arthmoor
    • Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch team
    • Please see Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch readme in the download. This list is rather extensive and ever changing.