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SKSE plugin that spawns sparks effect on weapon/shield while block attack, visual effect only.

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Notification to 1.6x exe(a.k.a anniversary edition) users

Mod Descriptions:

This mod simply produces sparks visual effect on weapon or shield when blocking attack, to bring more immersive impact effect for blocked attacking.

All it function running through a SKSE plugin so it script-free and esp-free.

How to Install and Use: 
(1) SKSE for the correspond game version.
(2) Address Library for SKSE Plugins.

To Install:
Download and Install the mod files with mod manager.

To replace sparks effect:
You can replace the spark effect as your favourite one by replace the two nif model files: “fxmetalsparkimpactweap.nif” and "fxmetalsparkimpactshield.nif" inside the “Meshes\Maxsu\SimpleBlockSpark” folder, you can replace the file during the game running.

Recommend Mods:
Retimed Hit Frames (For better sparks spawned positions)

Future to Do List:

1. Apply sparks effect when block arrows.

2. Add metal material weapon/shield check.

3. Add some custom trigger conditions.


  • Fudgyduff for his CommonlibSSE.
  • zxlice for help me solved some 3D computer graphics issues.