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Did it always bug you that it took ages for dovahkiin, the strongest creature in Skyrim SOOOOOO long to stand up? Well this will make you stand up twice as fast, and it still looks realistic.

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SSE conversion has been brought to you by Argonil pls say thanks when u can ;)

Now available for Xbox One on

Version 2.0 is finally out thanks to Bergzore all minor issues are fixed. No more clipping quivers, bows, weapons shields and feet. Both front and back animations are included in the 2.0 version Yey Check out his Animation tweaks
Thank you for all the support whether it is in form of comments, endorsements or simple story how this mod helped you.

Originally I made this for Draught Deathlord in Wars in Skyrim but now that the super awesome Dragon combat overhaul is here there is one more reason for you to use this mod :)

This mod edits the vanilla stand up, get up animation to be twice as fast as the original.

[size=7]2.0 in action ;)[/size]

This is video of concept any clipping issues you might see in the video are fixed and gone :)

Woohoo a nice review from SaioTV :) Thank youuuu. You should definitely check out his YouTube channel. He has a TON of very good mod reviews ;)

Much Love D13
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How to and Credits:
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Tutorial by aeonflux88 Thank you so much it wouldn't be possible without it.
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