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Fight your way atop, through, and inside the belly of a fully animated, fully detailed steam locomotive. Also serves as a modder's resource for those looking for animated trains and animated train tunnels.

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You've ridden my trains, romanced my trains, and some of you have even become my trains. But have you ever... fought... my trains?
It's been 10 years since Skyrim emerged from Todd's starry womb, and to celebrate I'm going back to the basics of all things. And by basics, I mean fully animated steam locomotives to carve a path of carnage through. Best of all, these trains are free to be reused in whatever sick and twisted fantasies you have. Like a house mod or a murder mystery mod, you know how it is.

-A small new cool cinematic dungeon, themed around trains. Because it's a train line taken over by bandits, so of course it's train-themed.
-ANIMATED trains.
-Best of all, the resources contained with this mod, the animations and such, are free to use and repurpose! I'm sure someone among, someone truly worthy, can find a use for them.

Use Vortex, NMM, a pair of hamsters glued together, or whatever your preferred mod installation thingy is. I'm not going to judge. Mostly.
Once installed, you can find the new dungeon, Kemelchend, northeast of Riften. Look for a minecart icon. 

-Q: Why isn't the dungeon longer?
-A: Because this is a small thing meant to celebrate Skyrim's 10th Birthday. And also a proof of concept, which you, yes that's right, YOU, can freely expand and expound upon.
-Q: Where did you learn to animate?
-A: Todd.
-Q: Where did you learn to model?
-A: Todd.
-Q: The train logic is all bad!
-A: That's not a question and this is why you weren't invited to my wedding, Shaun.

-M150 for the main locomotive and rail... howitzer original model.
-The Enderal team for the other locomotive and wagon models.
-Animations by me.
-Music by UpsideNow.