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About this mod

This is a simple follower extension mod. The player will be able to take up to 10 humanoid and 10 animal followers from the normal conversation dialogue.
This mod is intended to be used with Anniversary Edition.

Permissions and credits

- Increase in the number of followers
The player will be able to take up to 10 humanoid and 10 animal followers. Only NPCs that have been set up as candidate followers are eligible.

- Hostility prevention
Reduces the power of physical attacks and destructive magic between the followers, making them less hostile.
In addition, if they are antagonized, they will be instructed to stop fighting immediately.

- Detachment prevention
It will automatically summon the followers when they become separated from the player.

- Trap activation prevention
Only while sneaking, the pressure plate or tripwire will not activate even if the follower has not mastered the "Light Foot".

- Relaxation behavior
Only when the player is sitting or crafting, the followers will act relaxed after waiting a few seconds.

- Death notice
When the follower dies, the notification message will be displayed in the upper left corner.

- MCM (Includes automatic saving of settings)
With MCM, it is possible to change the immortality attribute of followers and to configure the detachment prevention.
When PapyrusUtil is installed, the MCM settings will be automatically saved and restored to a new game.

  • After having a farewell conversation with the follower, do not talk to any other NPCs until the farewell notification is displayed in the upper left corner.
  • If you want someone to join the Blades, turn off the mod in MCM. After letting them join, turn on it again.


In the mod, "DialogueFollowerScript.pex" has been changed. Cannot be used with mods that modify this script.

Install with the mod management tool.

  1. Turn off in MCM.
  2. Uninstall with the mod management tool.