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  1. Chesko
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    Hey everyone,

    I have released updates to the Vivid style (Stone and Flat).

    * The file size was greatly reduced with no perceptible loss of visual fidelity.
    * The files are now distributed as loose files in order to improve compatibility.
    * A short script now sets the world map blur INI settings, instead of distributing a separate INI file with the mod, to improve compatibility.

    To address concerns that were brought up: If you do not trust me, or otherwise want to make these INI changes yourself, and don't want any scripts included with this mod, you can safely delete both of the scripts included if you want to make the following INI edits yourself:


    If you do trust me, then, the work is done for you when you start the game.

    I think it's important that you understand what is in the mod and what it does, and how it does it, and to try to dissuade you from the feeling that "script" is a bad word. The game is full of scripts, it's how many things in the base game runs.

    Here are the scripts. I'm happy to walk you through them. I hope this calms any fears you might have.

    There is a quest. It needs to be started when the game runs. The quest doesn't do anything other than give us something that's needed to listen for a game load event.

    The script reads, effectively, "If I'm not running, start myself."


    scriptname _WorldMap_MapSettingsQuest extends Quest

    Event OnInit()
    if !self.IsRunning()


    There is a Reference Alias filled by the player. (A Reference Alias can be thought of as a "container" for another object, and lets us listen for events on that object without affecting the object itself. In this case, the object is the player.)

    When the quest starts, this script runs. When it first runs (OnInit), and when the game is reloaded (OnPlayerLoadGame), it makes INI settings changes. INI settings changes via script are temporary, which is why we do it when they reload the game, too. This temporary-ness has the nice side-effect that if you uninstall the mod, the changes automatically revert to the defaults. There are no persistent changes or things "sticking in your save game". There are no loops or continuously running code.

    This script can be read as: "When I initialize, or when the player loads the game, set the camera settings. When I set the camera settings, I should set the value of these 4 things and stop."

    scriptname _WorldMap_SetMapOnLoad extends ReferenceAlias

    import Utility

    Event OnInit()

    Event OnPlayerLoadGame()

    function SetCameraSettings()
    debug.trace("[A Quality World Map] Applying map camera constraint settings on load." )
    SetINIBool("bWorldMapNoSkyDepthBlur:MapMenu", true)
    SetINIFloat("fWorldMapNearDepthBlurScale:MapMenu", 0)
    SetINIFloat("fWorldMapDepthBlurScale:MapMenu", 0)
    SetINIFloat("fWorldMapMaximumDepthBlur:MapMenu", 0)
    debug.trace("[A Quality World Map] Settings applied." )


    That's all there is to it. I hope this provided some clarity.


    -- Chesko
  2. koreitosu
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  3. Lindaleff
    • member
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    I downloaded the Classic With All Roads, and it does not have any roads at all.
    1. toostruus
      • member
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      xLODGen? If you do use xLODGen you have to extract the .BSA file from aQWM. And place it below xLODGen in left pane of MO2.
      Let the textures from aQWM overwrite that of xLODGen.
  4. avigor
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    Any chance Solstheim might get a paper map option at some point, so that both maps can be the same style?
  5. tj3n123
    • supporter
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    Is it just me or both the Vivid and the Classic style look exactly same? XD
    • premium
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    In case I'm not the last person to figure this out, the paper map version works beautifully if you also use Flat Map Markers SSE. It is highly recommended you place both of theses mods at the very bottom of your load order. I'm also using Undiscovered Means Unknown's colored map markers without issue.
  7. Infinitiknave
    • member
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    hi vivid stone is great. but the paper version don't say a message when is installed skyUI error code 5, only with paper, or vivid stone, but with stone don't make problem, it is well visible, with paper is impossible to use....any solution ?
  8. Hallier
    • member
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    My map is really really bright and hard to see, especially in snowy areas. Other areas just look very sunny. Is there any reason for this? I've tried a fresh install twice now; the paper mod simply refused to work with waypoints and was janky with the default map, and the map I had and switched back to is the one with every road. Thanks!
  9. PlutoHimself
    • premium
    • 111 posts
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    The paper map shows up as huge and too zoomed in. I know this is the result of some incompatibility. I can't figure out what mod though. While installing mods, I remember seeing a note about using one esp or another because of this specific issue, but I had forgotten that I'd chosen paper and disregarded it.

    I went through the Nexus pages of my entire modlist and couldn't find it... I Does anyone have any thoughts on what mod could cause this EXTREME ZOOMED IN effect so I can install the right thing?

    1. NordicMayhem
      • member
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      im having the same issue
    2. mouton18
      • member
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      tracking same issue
    3. Acacophony
      • supporter
      • 183 posts
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      Haven't played skyrim in years, but I always had this issue with the paper map in both Oldrim and SE. Still having it. I've never gotten the paper map to work in any load order. In this case when I entered my map it gave me a sky UI error saying the map was incompatible. I'm so disappointed because I've always wanted to use the paper version. If anyone has a fix please let me know...
    4. robotegg808
      • supporter
      • 17 posts
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      Same issue here too.
  10. mattski123
    • member
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    Hey, I ran this through: Check old form version -

    Could you update this to form 44 instead please?
  11. mattski123
    • member
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    For those of you who are interested to know, place the in the load order AFTER Vivid weather's. That is all.