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An AMR moveset for Skysa. Heavily inspired by Dante in DMC.

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You need stance to switch between kicking and boxing mode. The original file already has its stance files setup; so if you want the original file to work you have to install Stance. This moveset will later be integrated into AMR Stance Framework for lazy ppl.

Comes in 2 stances: kicking and boxing, each with 4 light and 5 heavy.

Due to a known bug in AMR, one stance unfortunately cannot contain any AMR motion data; otherwise it would lead to glitchy walking behaviors. However since only one stance looks into Skysa.txt as its animationdatasinglefile, you can still switch between two stances with custom motion data for each. 
TLDR: unlike other AMR movesets, you'll have to rerun Nemesis after installing it. 

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what is AMR?
go read its description page thoroughly.
how do I assign DAR conditions?
go read its description page thoroughly.
what is Skysa?
go read its description page thoroughly.
the animation looks janky!
you look janky.