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It's been a few months since I've played Skyrim, but I've been playing it again recently and decided to upload another male racemenu preset, again, I'm not very good at modding so I have no sweet clue how to make my creations into followers, however I do have tips below on how to copy my presets face onto one of your own NPCs or custom follower. :)

Permissions and credits
****Required mods****
COtR - HQ Characters creation addon for RM:
Race compatibility:

-Suggested mods - (download if you want your character to look exactly like mine) 
The Eyes of Beauty:
Tempered Skins for Males:
Face Light Se:  (kinda ruins immersion lighting, mostly add it for photos)
KS Hairdos: (select the KS Hairdos SSE - Male file)

***How to install*
Take the entire file and drop it in your Skyrim/Data folder
Take the .jslot file and place it in your Data\SKSE\Plugins\Chargen\Presets. (If folder doesn't exist, ensure you have SKSE, and/or create the folder(s)) 
Open Skyrim and customize your character, go to presets section and load preset, select Ruhn, and you're done! 

**How I copy a preset onto another NPC/Follower** (works for custom NPCs like Kaiden/Lucien/Bishop, etc).
Download Project Proteus: (Use instructions there on how to download properly)
1. Open Skyrim game and make a character using this preset
2. Open spells and select Proteus - NPC
3. Use the spell on any NPC (doesn't matter who) 
4. When menu opens, go to Appearance -> Preset Menu -> Save Player Appearance as Preset -> Give preset a name (ex: Preset1) -> Enter -> Close menu
5. Target the NPC you want to change the appearance of and use the same spell as above 
6. When menu opens, go to Appearance -> Preset Menu -> Load Preset on NPC -> Type in name of preset you just saved (ex: Preset1) -> Enter -> Close menu

Only downfall with this option is that every time you load up your game you will have to load the preset onto that NPC again or he/she will have a strange look to them (you only have to do step 5-6). This is how I loaded my preset onto Bishop as you see in the photos.
Let me know if you have any questions or have any easier solutions that you recommend for copying player/NPC appearances. 

*This preset is compatible with SOS* 

If you have any interest in making a follower/reworking someone else's follower and uploading here with my preset(s) just let me know!