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New controls - allows full vanilla map functionality, while allowing hotkeys and more! Lite version available.

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So, there were a lot of controller mods out there. A lot of them boast having all of the bells and whistles, but they changed or disabled certain buttons. Coming from a background in Xbox gaming (many years), and having played Skyrim Legendary on Xbox 360 for many more, I got very used to, and like, the vanilla default controller setup. To top it off, when I got my Alienware and swapped to PC gaming, I stuck with the controller, since even back when I was PC gaming before the xbox, I was a die-hard joystick fan (not a keyboard and mouse kind of guy). That said, I did not like the limitations imposed on only having 2 hotkeys, and no other small improvements that PC had.

This mod is inspired from Chevy8t8's modded controller scheme, but improved upon it (in my humble opinion) so that the other hotkeys are not dependent on managing to press the 'corner keys' (up and left, down and left, etc.) exactly at the same time, and by adding even more functionality. As I use an Xbox One controller, I find hitting the diagonals exactly right is near impossible, likely due to the different d-pad design.

NOTE ON SKSE: To assign keyboard hotkeys on SKSE, it is necessary to disable the "controller" option in Skyrim's in-game settings. This is a game limitation, as the game was meant to be played with either controller, or keyboard/mouse, not both. Furthermore: you can use the "bound" controller setup to play the game with SKSE hotkeys. After setting up the hotkey, and re-enabling the controller, SKSE mods will read key presses through the regular 'block' on "bound" controller schemes.

TL;DR: This mod keeps the default vanilla controls, and adds a "Shift"-button (LB*) enabled alternate setup for most keys, allowing for:
- 8 configurable hotkeys** (no more favorites menu to swap to all your shouts/powers/weapons)
- Quick access for map, inventory, magic list, and stats
- Quick save, and quick load functionality
- Quick pause, through opening the console (great for pausing the game and allowing mods to still load/perform tasks as usual, or for those who like to cheat with commands. I'm more of the former than the latter.
- NEW: Improved menu controls for console and other small improvements

*LB was chosen because its function is now tap-activated (toggle sprint) rather than Skyrim 2011's "hold to sprint". This way, the other keys can be accessed with limited issues (Don't want to sprint when using a power? Don't move, or tap LB, press and hold LB, and make your selection).

**Please note: I kept the up arrow for favorites, but in converting the down arrow to be hotkey2, I ruined its functionality as a menu control (scroll down) for the favorites menu. This was needed, as (obviously) to assign a favorite item to a hotkey, you need to press down the button and hold for a second (for other hotkeys, press "shift" (LB) + the additional button when hovering over the desired favorite, and hold to map). That said, the favorites menu can still be navigated via the left stick, and all other menus (eg character chat, opening a chest, accessing inventory) will function normally with d-pad controls.

New/Noteable Keys:
D-Pad Up - Access favorites menu
D-pad Left - Hotkey1
D-pad Down - Hotkey2
D-Pad Right - Hotkey3
LB + D-pad Up - Hotkey4
LB + D-pad Left - Hotkey5
LB + D-pad Down - Hotkey6
LB + D-pad Right - Hotkey7
LB + RB - Hotkey8 (I preferred this over other choices as I could 'quick shout' or 'panic shout' by pressing LB+RB, RB)
LB + Y - Quick Stats
LB + X - Quick Magic
LB + A - Quick Map
LB + B - Quick Inventory (Like pressing B + directional, but without the latency, and blocking the autosave functionality to use later (old xbox habits die hard--really hard as I had actually thought of that as a benefit when I added it... when I had just finished the quick save/load feature right before doing these)
LB + Menu/Start - Quick Save
LB + Window/Back - Quick Load
LB + Right Stick Press - Open console (acts like pausing or buffer time for mods to load--helpful after character creation when using a lot of mods)
LB + Left Stick Press - Opens Tween Menu

In Map menu ONLY (for "Bound" control maps):
LS Press - Dedicated key to place your own map marker. Now you can drop a marker on a location even with Frostfall disabling fast-travel (or with enemies around you)!

I decided to forgo <LB + RT> and <LB + LT>, as I did not find functions that were useful enough, and doing so would prevent attacking while "shift"-ing.

So, which controller scheme is for me?
--> The "Main" Version has all of the default bells and whistles. If you click the "Download (NMM)" button up top, this is what you'll get.
--> There is a "Lite" version under optional files that is available for those who just want hotkeys and quick save/quick load. This one has the least amount of conflicts with Skyrim 2011, and is closest to the vanilla controller feel.
--> I have added a "Modded" control scheme under optional files, largely for use with mods that add hotkeys in SkyUI thru the MCM. This one deviates only slightly from the vanilla design to allow for a dedicated hotkey. V2.1.0+ Also incorporates the unbound "hotkey" as a utility shift. These are my preferred versions (2.0.0 for Sky2011, 2.1.0 for Sky SE).
--> All above variants now have an "Unbound" version, which allows keyboard key presses and mouse key usage while using the controller.
--> All "Bound" variants have the improved console menu navigation controls and the dedicated drop marker option.
--> The "Director's Cut" version is MY current copy-pasted 'modded' version of the "Modded" controller scheme, and is available in the "Main files" as an optional download. Keybinding changes can be seen in the comments section.

All regular keybinds can be found in the readme section!

  • Not compatible with other controller-altering mods (one will overwrite the other)
  • Works for Alternate configurations (e.g. changing sprint binding)--Light Version is recommended (non-vanilla bindings are NOT supported).
  • Works for Xbox 360 and Xbox One Controllers
  • Works for Logitec F710 controller if you install an Xbox gamepad driver (Thanks tjacks84 for testing this!)
  • Works for Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition
  • If you use other mods that use keystrokes or keyboard-only hotkeys (like SkyVoice) you will need to use the 'unbound' option, otherwise the key-presses will be blocked.
  • If you use Quick Loot RE, you will need to change the "Console" section under the "// Console" header to: "Console0x290xff0x0100+0x00800000x10" (No quotes!) This will prevent Quick loot from opening the console instead of quitting out. Instead, you can now close the console via LB + Left Stick Press (Thanks to serio420 for finding this conflict!)

NMM Install:
1) Use NMM
2) Profit

Manual Install:
1) Open Skyrim's data folder
2) Extract files from the mod's Data folder into folder from #1
3) Profit

1) Reverse of install procedures listed above, dependent on how you installed the mod...
2) Cry

Known Issues:

None. This mod is 100% workable and stable, and the other changes I wanted will not work within the scope of this mod.

My other mods:
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Feel free to use this mod, in part or in whole, as a basis or template to making your own. If you do, please provide credit as I have. You are NOT, however, allowed to use anything in a 'for profit' manner (Nexus's DP included). Nexus Exclusive.

A BIG thank you to Bethesda for TES Series of games, and Chevy8t8, whose mod both inspired and infuriated me enough to want to make my own, using his design.