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Allow player to get contract target skulls even if player decided to spare them.

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Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE added 13 Displays which rely on Killing contract targets and getting their skulls.
But, if you're using Dark Brotherhood Reformation and decided to spare the targets, you wouldn't get their skulls and will miss those displays.
This mod will change that.

What this mod does?

At first, I really like the idea to change the skulls to Mementoes and just hand it to player. But, when I was creating the patch, I found some problems:
  • I have to find a way to stop LOTD to spawn another mementoes when the target was killed after the player already acquire mementoes from DB Reformation, cause it's would not make sense. And editing LOTD directly may cause compatibility problem.
  • Some of mementoes need to place in the world due to DB Reformation quest didn't end by talking with the targets, But if player decide to kill those targets instead, those mementoes will appear in the target bodies, which I think it's weird that the items which should stay still in the rooms, will magically teleport to the owner inventories.
  • The displays still showing each target skulls. And Editing the display is not an easy work and  may cause compatibility problem

So I decided to go by these:
  • Borrowing mementoes idea, I created another set of Items as Mementoes, only this Items will invoke with DB Reformation.
  • Mementoes can be convert to Target Skulls at Atronach Forge (Cause its MAGIC, well using the item from its owner as a replacement of a person is something you see in curse rituals, so I didn't think it's weird). This process require additional bone meal for each skull.
  • Aside from Beitild, Helvard, and Vittoria Vici, the target will give player their Mementoes at the end of their DB Reformation Side Quest.
  • Beitild & Helvard's Mementoes will spawn in their home at the end of their DB Reformation Side Quests instead, due to those Side Quests didn't invoke them at the end.
  • Vittoria's Memento will spawn in her inventory after player paralyzed her. So player need to pickpocket her later.
  • Player can still kill the targets to get the skulls directly if they want to.

Also, since LOTD has the display for Aegisbane, which DB Reformation allow it to be given to Torbjorn Shatter-Shield for reconcile Shatter-Shield family relationship with Muiri. Aside from reverse pickpocket to get it back, my patch offer another solution.
  • Allow player to craft another Replica version with the same enchantment as the original at LOTD Replica Station.
  • This Replica version can be craft during Muiri extra quest only, and no tempering allow.
  • Give Torbjorn a replica and keep the real one, due to his old age, he won't realise. (Karma loss-----just kidding)
This patch did't edit anythings from LOTD and, only edit DB Reformation records and scripts.

Dark Brotherhood Reformation & Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE and their requirements
This patch edit quest related script. So:
  • It's better to install on new game
  • Or the game that haven't start DB Quest & didn't install Dark Brotherhood Reformation yet.


Known Issue
Beast Race Skulls will floating in the air at Atronach Forge. Nothing I can do.

Thanks to Icecreamassassin, Pickysaurus, SirJesto, JCBQ, HigheverRains, Arkayn , Stonehands, Kriana, TheNoobyDuelist and LOTD Team for LOTD v5.
Thanks to DisclinationEvent for Dark Brotherhood Reformation.
Thanks to bign0se for Mementoes Idea, and I use his mod as a base for Mementoes Creation. (The mod has an open permission so I didn't ask him/her).