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[All mods aside from my skin overhaul and a house mod are
currently on hold until I can figure out the condition of my health]
I'm back, betches!!!



**RWoS was removed from the Nexus due to permission issues that I just completely overlooked.


It will be back at some point in the near future! For now, you

can contact me for access to the files if you'd like to use them.


All my mods [thus far] are free to use in your own mods -

No need to ask permission!

[Although I appreciate being shown what you do with them!!]



A Patreon page is currently in the works, which will host items only available to patrons -

but also items that require no such support ("free").

Once the page is complete it will be posted here, as well as on my Facebook page (linked below).
**Until my Patreon is up, feel free to contact me for access to some basic resources. I don't have everything all neat and tidy yet for more than that, but what I have should be enough for using in the creation of other mods**
Things are going slow right now, but I'm working tirelessly to create content for my upcoming character overhaul. If you have ideas or would like to offer any form of support, please feel free to contact me directly via PM! I'm always in need of an extra pair of hands, eyes, etc.
Some things I'd appreciate help with the most (but there's much, much more... so don't be shy!) :

  • High resolution stock images (the more the merrier! Since my overhaul will be based on diversity, I can never have enough! The more I have, the more options there will be! I mean, who doesn't want to make themselves in a video game?)
  • Help with Nifs (I'm a 3D artist, but the nif tools continue to give me a hard time... so it'd be awesome if someone could help me convert things like headparts [heads, eyes, teeth, hair, etc] and bodies to work in game)
  • ** I gave up on the NPCs, sorry. It would take way too long for I alone to do, so it's been thrown on the back burner for the time being. I figured that once this is all done, having my files would be enough to generate the textures needed for whoever wants to add some diversity to the world **


I'm a texture artist from the US focusing on hyper-realism. I'm in school for Computer Animation. My passion in life is textures and modeling.




For any questions (about my mod or if you just need help with something, even unrelated), feel free to PM me!

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