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This small tweak uses a scripted workaround to make chickens and rabbits able to attack.

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While working on other mods, I noticed that chickens and rabbits do not have any attack animations in their behaviors. For that reason, they cannot attack. However, you can cast spells like Raise Dead and Frenzy on them, but they'll just run up to a target and not actually attack.
This little mod takes care of that.
Now you can actually encounter killer chickens or even the famous Rabbit of Caerbannog! /s

This mod can also be used as a resource to give other creatures a animationless melee attack.

How it works

When a rabbit/chicken gets within range of a target, it will cast a dummy spell, to simulate a melee attack. A sound will play and the chicken/rabbit will do a little jump.


Any mods that edits the rabbit or chicken race records might revert my changes.

A zombie edition of this mod can be found here. Don't use my mod and that one together, since both do the same thing.


Q: Seriously? Rabbits and chickens that attack? What gave you this idea?
A: Don't take this mod too seriously. It's just some of my absurd sense of humor combined with some of my extreme nitpicking.

Q: Do chickens/rabbit actually attack when engaged in combat?
A: No, not really, as they are set as cowardly. However, if you cast a Frenzy or Courage spell, they should attack targets.

Q: Will you make a patch for X?
A: In order to keep my sanity, I'll only make patches for mods I'm using myself. For any other mods, feel free to release your own patches. (see permissions)

Q: Will you port this to <insert other version of Skyrim>?
A: I only support the PC Steam English Special Edition of Skyrim. Any other version I won't support myself. However, I do allow others to port it to other version at their own responsibility. (see permissions)

A: Yes.