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Patches landscape conflicts between Smooth Shores and various mods.

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Smooth Shores Patches
...because smoother shorelines, why else?

Smooth Shores edits the landscape of Tamriel and a lot of it. This is generally a controversial practice that is frowned upon due to the nature of patching such edits. Patches for Smooth Shores are not like most mod patches. This is because the best way to create patches for landscape edits is using the CK. As such, it's not something that can easily be done by most mod users, but without patching users are inevitably left with landscape holes due to conflicting edits.

Patches have been created for the following mods to resolve these issues:

Patch Requests
Users should use the BUGS section to request additional patches. When submitting a request:

These patches should be compatible with just about everything. They require the mods for which they patch to be installed and active. When possible, the patches are ESL flagged in the header so they won't take up a plugin slot. Simply sort with LOOT.

Only other mods that edit the same Landscape records will be incompatible.

It's possible there are missed issues within the patches due to mod updates or lack of examining every single conflict. For example, Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods Patch has been manually verified for approximately 40% of the conflicts that exist. Since not all conflicts result in issues, not all have been resolved.

If additional bugs are discovered, please submit a bug report in the BUGS tab above:
  • First, ensure the patch is at fault (see instructions above under Patch Requests)
  • Please title the report as such: Bug: PatchName Location
  • Please include the X,Y coordinates of the Cell (obtain this from DynDOLOD MCM or Where In Special Edition Am I)