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Unleash the power of the Republic with this epic gamer combat gear! Maim, wound and/or kill any and all foes with this new mouse, keyboard, headset, monitor and mug.

Permissions and credits
Hermeaus Mora, the Daedric Prince of Gamers, has chosen you to become the new wielder of a set of powerful Daedric artifacts from another plane of reality, one where gamers rule the world. Accept his gift and gain the power of the Republic of Gamers to smite your foes and flaunt your strength to all of Skyrim.
Requires SKSE.

ROG Gladius III Mouse- Use as a whip to lash at your enemies at melee range, or as a staff that fires a devastating projectile that sends targets into the air in a brilliant RGB explosion.

ROG Claymore II Keyboard-
Available as both a light shield and a melee weapon for chopping down casuals. 

ROG Strix Gaming Monitor-
A heavy shield proudly displaying an animated main menu screen. It's a curved monitor. Curved. Monitor.

ROG Delta S Headset-
Headphones imbued with the power to transform your Unrelenting Force into the high-fructose Dew Mountain shout. Wear on your head for some protection, or around your neck for bonus fashion. Including custom Shout lines, compressed by your microphone. 

Nexusmods Official Pro Gamer Mug- The greatest reward of all. Place on your shelf as a display of modder pride, or shatter it against your enemies to inflict both damage and staggering.

- All ROG Armoury equipment comes with RGB-cycling LED lights. Weapons also have support for ENB Lights, in addition to custom sound effects.
- All of the armor pieces and melee weapons have tempering recipes, and are enchantable.
- An optional addon allows the Mouse Whips to use Animated Armoury's custom whip animations, provided you have that mod installed
(Animated Armoury is not required for the base version of this mod). 
- Headphones have Khajiit and Argonian compatible models. On-head headphones also have a custom equip sound.
- Keyboard uses Axe animations and benefits from Axe perks; Mouse whip uses Mace animations and Mace perks.

If you have accepted or completed Septimus Signus' quest, "Discerning the Transmundane", Hermeaus Mora will send a special courier straight from Apocrypha to seek you out, carrying with him a package containing your gamer gear. Accept his gift and unpack the box in your inventory to receive the items, as well as the ability to craft Nexusmods Mugs at the Smelter.

Q: I accepted/completed Signus' quest but the Courier hasn't shown up.
A: How quickly the Courier shows up will depend on where your current location is. If he gets stuck, he will eventually teleport directly to you. Waiting/sleeping will not make him show up any faster; however, fast traveling will.

Q: I equipped the headphones but didn't get the Dew Mountain shout.
A: First, you must have Unrelenting Force unlocked and equipped. If it still isn't showing up, try unequipping and re-equipping the headphones.

Q: I uninstalled the mod, and now my Unrelenting Force shout is gone.
A: Un-equip the headphones prior to uninstalling, or this may happen. 

Q: My character is mute when using the Dew Mountain shout.
A: The custom "Fus Roh Dew" voice line is only available for the standard vanilla player voices for all races. Some voice replacer mods may not have any audio for the shout.

Q: After using the Mouse Staff, I can't attack!
A: Dual-casting two Mouse Staves may cause your attack animations on one or both hands to break if you switch directly to another weapon or shield. You can only obtain a single staff by normal means anyways, so you'll only encounter this bug if you're cheating scum (not very pro gamer of you). To fix, simply re-equip the staff in the bugged hand and un-equip again. This bug might also happen if you uninstall/disable the mod with the staff equipped, so make sure to unequip prior to doing so. 

Q: Is the Animated Armoury addon for the DAR or scripted version of AA?
A: It was made and tested with the scripted version, but it should work with the DAR version as well.

All assets included in this mod are the original work of the mod's authors, or derivatives of vanilla Skyrim assets, unless otherwise noted.

The following resources were used in accordance with their usage permissions:
Cubemap made from the cubemap resources provided by Humus.
Some textures made with resources from the ROG Asset Pack texture used for ENB Lights created by Rudy102
Skeleton for Animated Armoury version of the whips created by NickaNak
Behavior files for the non-AA whips created using Behavior Files Creator by Anton0028.

Other credits:
ALCmods23 and Gale for screenshot contributions and testing feedback.
distar66 for additional testing feedback.