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Roadhouse699 - Earth Wind And Fire

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After the "Night at the Museum" Quest, all the Mannequins will dance in the hall of heroes and "September" by Earth, Wind, And Fire will play. Happy September 21st, everyone.

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Okay, before any of you nutcases report this mod to the Nexus staff, it does NOT contain the audio file for "September" by Earth, Wind, and Fire. You must get your own copy of it, open it in Audacity (or any other program that can convert audio), convert it to a 16-bit .WAV file, and then put it \data\Music\21SEP\ and name the file 21SEPMusic.wav. That's the only thing you have to do to get this mod working other than install it.

Haha funny reference to the 2000-something family movie "Night At The Museum" starring Ben Stiller that essentially just grifts off the joke IceCreamAssassin already made. Those of you who are at that incredibly niche part of your save game should download this and then go to the trouble of downloading "September" as well. Hell, you could even download the Bardcore version if you want something more immersive and Lore-Friendly.

This mod took an annoying amount of time to make despite how beautifully simple it is. Barely edits anything with Legacy, except adding to the Hall of Heroes cell, adding a package to the mannequins that only appear once in the whole questline, and editing their base package. I will lose significant faith in the intellect of anyone who reports an incompatibility with this mod, unless, for some ungodly reason, someone made a different mod that edits the mannequins in Legacy.

Q: You seriously want us to add the music file in ourselves?
A: I seriously want to keep this mod on the Nexus.

Q: ...wasn't expecting that, considering how stupid it is.
A: You're just upset I had this brilliant idea before you.

Q: How do I get it to stop?
A: Walk up to the main entrance. 

Q: Why are there so many awkward pauses between you using console commands in that video?
A: I was laughing too hard, especially since Lydia and Serana are trying to have a normal conversation in the middle of the whole thing, but I'm forcing them to dance.

Q: When are we actually going to see that feature come to Improved Follower Dialogue - Lydia?
A: Sooner or later, I don't really know.