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This mod completely overhauls the standing stone blessings. The blessings will now more significantly impact your gameplay. This mod does that by adding much better passives and even some lesser and greater powers to some.

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Enhanced Standing Stones

(I didn't create custom names for the abilities because it becomes very difficult to find them in UI. Instead all the Buffs are just the Stone names)

Mage Stone 

- Magical skills increase faster. This now includes Alchemy which is both a thief and mage skill now. 
- Fortify Magicka by 50 points.
- Spells are 10% more effective.

Warrior Stone

- Warrior skills increase faster. This now includes light armor and Archery which are now both thief and warrior skills now.
- Fortify Health by 50 points.
- Attack damage increased by 10% and incoming damage reduced by 10%.

Thief Stone

- Thief skills increase faster.
- Fortify Stamina by 50 points.
- Running speed increased by 10% and Sneaking is 10% more effective.

(The Guardian Stones I have kept uniform. I tried to keep them as equal in effectiveness as possible. These are supposed to be the basic stones and the stats reflect that)

Apprentice Stone

- Fortify Magicka by 100 points.
- Magicka regenerates 100% faster.
- Spells cost 10% less.
- 50% Weakness to magic.

(The Apprentice makes you very good at using magic but also makes you weak to it. I considered the Vanilla 100% weakness as too harsh of a penalty so I changed that.)

Atronach Stone

- Fortify Magicka by 200 points.
- 50% Elemental Resist.
- Magicka does not regenerate.
- Absorb magicka on touch restoration spell. (Using this spell is not considered hostile so you can use it on summons, followers and other NPCs to recharge your magicka without worrying)

(I consider Vanilla Spell absorption to be broken especially when in such a large percentage like 50. I wanted my Atronach stone to work a little different. It gives you a lot of magicka. And elemental resistance instead of spell absorption. I didn't want to completely take away the spell absorption aspect so I gave them a magic absorption spell)

Ritual Stone

- Destruction: Magical Runes are 50% stronger(though this also affects runes from other schools, I can change it to only destruction if people want)
- Restoration: Turn Undead spells are 50% stronger.
- Conjuration: Resurrection spells are 50% stronger.
- Alteration: Candlelight makes opposing spells do 25% less damage(this is different from Magic resistance)
- Illusion: Muffle makes your spells silent(Basically gives you quiet casting perk when muffle is used)

(Ritual Stone gives specific boost to all schools. Runes for Destruction, Candlelight for Alteration, Muffle for illusion, Reanimation for Conjuration, Turn Undead spells for Restoration)

Lord Stone

- Fortify Health by 100 points.
- Stamina regeneration is 50% faster.
- Power Attacks are 20% more effective and cost 50% less stamina.
- 30% elemental weakness.

(Lord Stone makes you a powerful warrior but is weak to magic)

Lady Stone

- Fortify Health by 150 points.
- Resist Magic 25%
- Armor rating and Blocking is 50% improved. Bashing is twice as good.
- Attack Damage is 25% less and Damaging spells are 25% weaker.

(Lady Stone makes you a powerful tank but also reduces your damage. It's good for support roles)


- 100 extra carry weight
- Weightless Armor.
- Fall Damage decreased by 75%.
- Movement speed is increased by 25%.

(It's kept the most similar to Vanilla but speed boost and fall damage reduction is added.)


- All skills improve 15% faster.
- Buying and Selling is improved by 30%
- Enemy attacks and spells do half damage half the time.

(I felt that a Luck based chance to take half damage would be interesting to play with. I wanted to create a Lovely charm like effect that makes you more likable which makes Buying and Selling effective and can make enemies do less damage sometimes.)


- Lesser Power to become invisible when sneaking.
- Sneaking is 25% more effective when invisible.
- Sneak Attacks and Sneak spells are 15% stronger when invisible.
- 15% chance to not take damage when invisible.
- You take 15% more magic and weapon damage when not invisible and not sneaking.

(An invisibility ability that only works when sneaking was interesting to me. They're stronger when invisible in the shadows but when found they're weaker. They're not good for open combat. They're better as asassins and agents )


- Lockpicking is 3 times more effective. 
- Stamina is increased by 200 points.
- Reflect 25% of damage back at attacker.
- Detect the living and Dead through obstacles.(Lesser Power)

(Improves Lockpicking as you'd expect. Tower's warden reflects back damage. Tower's sight lets you sense other beings from afar and through obstacles)


- Once a day spew a venom from your mouth to paralyze someone.
- 50% Poison Resist.
- Applied Poisons last for multiple hits (should be 4). 
- Poisons you mix are 25% Stronger.
- Damaging spells are stronger (15% for elemental spells and 25% for Vampiric Drain Health)
- Weapon Swing speed is increased by 15% 

(They have the Vanilla once a day paralysis. I have given many poison themes abilities. They strike fast like a serpent and swing weapons faster as a result. Harmful spells are also strong)

Aetherial Crown

Version 1.04 onwards Aetherial Crown should be fully compatible and I have also made it so additional crowns for each stone appears when you get the aetherial crown. Like Aetherial Crown of the Mage, Apprentice, Ritual etc. just in case the regular crown still has issues.


Mods that change the Standing Stones blessings are not compatible. So other overhauls like Andromeda for eg.


Install with Mod manager or manually extract to the data folder. 

Thank you and let me know if there are any issues.

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Bethesda for making Skyrim and providing the creation kit.
kgohanandkamehameha for reporting bugs and helping out.