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This mod enhances the races. Adding improved passives and also adding lesser powers to some races. The goal of the mod is to make the game more fun through the racial abilities and also make each race feel more unique.

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Enhanced Races
(First of all racial Skills are not changed to maintain compatibility with as many mods as possible)

(if upgrading to 1.09 or above from 1.08 or below versions you will need a new game. As the mod is now ESPFE)

This is a video I made to show off the abilities.(The video is outdated now, will try to make another in the future)

Highborn Fortify Magicka 100.
Highborn Magicka Regeneration 100%. 
Highborn 10% cost reduction for spells and 25% cost reduction for enchantment. 

(High Elves are considered the best mages in Tamriel and I wanted the abilities to showcase that)

Regenerate Health 100% faster and have 50 extra health. (Combat regen 20%)
Tough Scales Incoming weapon damage does 10% less damage.
Resist Poison 50% Poison resistance.
Medecin Virtuoso Alchemy and Healing Spells are improved by 30%
Poison Spit (Lesser Power) Spew a poisonous Spray from your mouth.
Water Breathing Argonians can naturally breathe under water.

(Argonians I focused on a Medical theme with poison and healing speciality. If you have Spell Perk Item Distributor mod then Argonians NPCs will spit poison as well. Making them an interesting foe to face against)

Resist Disease and Poison 50% resistance.
Sharp Aim Magic and Archery is more effective when sneaking 20%. Further 10% boost when Sneaking and undetected.
Command Animal (Lesser Power) Command animals to become your ally.
Summon Guardian Familiar (Lesser Power)Summons an animal guardian familiar for 60 seconds. Familiar is a wolf but at higher levels it can also become a Sabre cat and later a Bear.
Archery Talent Draw a bow 25% faster.

(With Bosmers I chose an asassin style. They excel at Sneak Mage and Stealth Archer playstyles. Bosmers also have a nature theme and I focused on that as well) 

Resist Magic 25%
Elven Heritage Fortify Magicka 50 Points.
Spell Warding Defensive spells are boosted. Armor spells like Oakflesh by 50% and ward spells by 25% and wards reduce weapon damage and reduce stagger, wards also have a 25% chance to absorb incoming spell's magicka. (Fully compatible with ward mods FYI).
Summoner Talent Conjuration Spells cost 50% less to cast.

(Bretons, I have chosen them to be the best at defensive magic. Aside from their natural magic resistance they're also good at wards and armor spells. )

Elf Blood Regenerate Magicka 50% faster.
Resist Fire 50% Fire resistance.
Contact Magic Cloak Spells are 25% stronger
Engineered Magic Bound Weapons and Enchanted Weapons are 25% stronger. Magic Staves are 25% stronger.

(Dark Elves are considered the best at combining blade with magic and so that's why I focused on battle mage playstyle with them. Enchanted and Bound weapons are improved and magical cloaks like flame cloak and frost cloak are improved. )

Rich Heritage Fortify Health, Stamina and Magicka by 25 points.
Imperial Discipline All skills are 15% more effective.
Imperial Luck Anywhere gold coins or gems might be found, Imperials always seem to find a few more.
Imperial Focus Increase Skills 25% faster.

(Imperials are jack of all trades in terms of playstyle. And that's what I did with them here. This race also makes the game less grindy by finding more gold and getting more exp)

Claws Unarmed Damage increased by 15 points.
Night Eye (Lesser Power) Night vision toggle on or off. Same as Vanilla.
Protective Fur 10% Frost resistance.
Detection Use your superior senses to detect living and dead/undead.
Instinctive Dodge 10% chance to not take weapon damage.
Lockpicking Ability Lockpicking is improved by 50%.
Natural Acrobat Fall Damage is reduced by 50%.
Feline Tendons Movement speed is increased by 25%. 50% Speed when sprinting. Stamina is increased by 50.
Salesman Ability Sell Items for 25% more.
Silent Movement Khajiits move quietly.

(With Khajits I focused on their animal like abilities. They have the most number of abilities but remember not every ability is equal. They have the best utility abilities)

Resist Frost 50% Frost Resistance.
Robust Nord Health increased by 100 points.
Nordic Constitution 50% Stamina Regeneration.
Battle Cry (Lesser Power)Fortifies Health, Stamina by 15 points. And also increases One handed, Two Handed and Archery by 15. And also gives courage. It's like using the call to arms illusion spell on yourself.

(Nords are a warrior race. I gave them abilities to show that. SPID mod will give NPC nords the battle cry as well)

Orc Blood 10% Magic Resistance and 25% Shock Resistance.
Orcish Conditioning When wearing cuirass. Armor Rating is improved by 50% and enchantments improved by 15%.
Smithing Prodigy Smithing is improved by 50%.

(Orcs are the best blacksmiths and the best at using armor and that's what I focused on. They also had resistances to magical effects in previous games and I gave them that again. )

Resist Disease 50% Disease Resistance.
Sword Dancer  25% faster weapon swing. Dual Wielding does 25% more damage. 
Quick Spell 10% boost to magic at 10% extra cost when NOT dual casting.
Natural Athlete Move 10% faster.
Good Form 100 extra Stamina and 100% faster Stamina regeneration.

(They're the most naturally talented warriors in Tamriel. During the time period that Skyrim takes place they have also started using magic. The abilities I gave showcase that. I had an arcane warrior build in mind when making the abilities. They're like battle mages that focuses more on the warrior side)


Mods that touch the race records are not compatible. So other overhauls like Imperious for eg.


Install with Mod manager or manually extract to the data folder. 

Thank you and let me know if there are any issues.

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Bethesda for making Skyrim and providing the creation kit.